1. Superior servo innovation that is engineered, designed and manufactured exclusively by Hitec RCD.

  2. The highest caliber of servo knowledge and performance for all radio control applications.

  3. Industry-leading research and development, resulting in premium, cutting-edge products.

  4. The combination of all superior Hitec technologies, ensuring the best of the best in servo advancement.


Hitec + Technology = hitecnology

Welcome to the world of “hitecnology” – where the best of all Hitec servo advancements come together. At Hitec RCD, our team of top engineers have researched and developed the most superior servo technologies in order to bring you the highest level of performance and reliability for all your applications and projects. Hitec servos define excellence in all markets: Robotics, Industrial, Hobby, Agricultural, Aeronautics, Medical Engineering – the possibilities are limitless. When you need superior servo innovation, look for the “Manufactured with hitecnology” seal of approval. Accept No Substitutes!


hitecnology Servo Features:  

Magnetic Sensor Servos
This replaces the conventional mechanical potentiometer with a fully digital magnetic position sensor.
  G2 Premium Digital Servos
With twice the resolution of our original digital servos, this line of 2nd generation digital servos provides crisp response and programming capabilities.

Energy Efficient Technology
Powered by brushless motors and boasting ultra-low current consumption, the performance and efficiency of this line is unrivaled by any in the industry.
  High Resolution /
Ultra Response

Designed with efficient coreless motors, this line delivers impressive precision and rapid-fire response.

D-Series 32BIT MCU / 12BIT ADC
Powered by Hitec’s 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC technology, these maximum performance servos provide the best programmable response ever seen.
  Wide Voltage Technology
Hitec’s first Wide Voltage capability supports all types of receiver batteries, from 4.8 to 7.4 volts.

Waterproof Servo Technology
With the highest, watertight IP-67 rating, this line delivers the ultimate in waterproof protection.
  25-Tooth Spline
All Hitec’s D-Series, HSB-9XXX and HS-8XXX series of servos feature the industry standard 25-tooth output spline.


Featured Servo Series

  1. A group of dynamic, powerful and speedy servos designed with custom Hitec engineering, able to operate on a wide 4.8 ~ 8.4 voltage range.

  2. A servo line consisting of titanium gear D940TW, D945TW, D950TW and D980TW; metal gear D625MW and D645MW plus waterproof, mega scale, IP-67 rated D840WP and D845WP.

  3. A category of servos with unrivaled smooth, precise movement, industry leading high-resolution, state-of-the-art ultra-response technology and 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC, providing unprecedented programmability and flexibility.

View the complete Dynamo D-Series Press Release containing all servo specifications:


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