GY-130 Gyro

Q. Can I use the GY-130 in an airplane and what is the advantage?

A. Gyros can be used on any of the primary flight control surfaces to stabilize an aircraft. They are used on the rudder most often to help stabilize tail draggers during takeoff. When used with the optional remote gain control box, the user has the option to turn it on and off in flight.

Q. What is the best servo to use with the GY-130 Gyro?

A. A fast servo with a speed lower than 0.16 transit time is recommended.

Q. What does the Remote Gain device do?

A. The remote gain control box allows the user to set two different gain settings that can be selected in flight. Typically for a fixed wing plane it would be on or off settings being used and for a helicopter, a high gain for hover and a lower gain for forward flight and aerobatics.

Q. What gain setting should I start with?

A. Try setting the gyro at about 50% gain to start with and experiment with the device to find to optimum gain setting for your model.