Spectra PLL Module

Q. What is the Spectra module?

A. It is a PLL (Phase Lock Loop) module that can synthesize any legal channel on either 72 or 75MHz depending on the version.

Q. Does it really work?

A. The Spectra has been working flawlessly for the past 10 years.

Q. What radios will the spectra module fit in?

A. The 24472 (72MHZ version) will work with the Prism 7, Prism 7X and Eclipse 7 aircraft radios. The 24475 (75MHz version) will work with the Lynx 3D and CRX pistol grip radio.

Q. I have seen people using the Spectra module in some Futaba™ radios, does this work and is it legal?

A. Hitec recommends the Spectra module only be used in Hitec radios but many are using it successfully in some Futaba products against our recommendation. The FCC and AMA do not authorize its usage in anything other than Hitec radios.

Q. My Spectra module gets very warm when I use it, is that normal?

A. Yes, that is perfectly normal. The Spectra Module draws more current than a standard module theredore it gets warmer and drains the transmitter battery quicker.

Q. Why is my transmitter still not working with my receiver after I have dialed my Spectra to the correct channel?

A. Make sure that you have the correct 1st and 2nd digit for the channel dialed into the Spectra correctly. Also, in the case of the Eclipse and Prism 7X, make sure that the transmitter is on the correct shift (negative or positive) and the correct modulation (PPM or PCM).