CG330 and CG335

Q. Will the CG330 or CG335 Charger charge NiMh batteries?

A. Yes, the CG-330 & 335 will charge NiMh cells because they are linier chargers however, they are not optimized for them so you should use a lower charge rate and monitor the battery for excessive heat. Hitec does not recommend these chargers for NiMh cells lower than 600Mah.

Q. What is the best power source for the CG330 and CG335?

A. A 12-volt car battery or 10-amp power supply will allow the 330 & 335 chargers to work to their full potential. You can use a 12-v gel cell or a lower amperage power supply if charging smaller and fewer cells.

Q. Can I use an auto battery charger to power the CG330 and CG335?

A. No, the current from an auto battery charger is not consistent and will cause the chargers to "False Peak."

Q. Can I really charge more than one pack with the CG330 and CG335?

A. Yes, up to 24 cells but only in series.

Q. What is the smallest pack I can charge with the CG330 and CG335?

A. The lowest fast charge rate is .5 amps so it is recommended you don't charge anything lower than 110mah.

Q. What is the trickle charge rate?

A. The trickle rate is 5% of the full charge rate.