Focus 3 FM

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. You will have to send the transmitter to our service department to have the frequency changed. The total cost is $14.95. This price includes shipping.

Q. What is ch. 1 and 2 mixing and what do I use it for?

A. This feature allows you to fly V-tail or flying wing type aircraft without using a bulky and expensive mixing device.

Q. What other receivers will my Focus 3 FM work with?

A. The Focus 3 FM radios are compatible with negative shift FM receivers.

Q. The light on my transmitter will not come on and nothing is happening.

A. Check the battery tray and make sure the batteries are touching the contacts. Sometimes you have to push the batteries in order to make sure they contact. In extreme cases try wrapping the battery holder with electrical tape to help "seat" the batteries within the holder.

Q. I am not getting any response from my ESC.

A. Make sure that the ESC is plugged in to channel 3 of the receiver. Then turn the equipment on in the following sequence:

1. Turn transmitter on first with the throttle slide in the full left position.
2. Turn the ESC on. This will also power the receiver and servos.

Since some of the newer ESCs auto initialize, the throttle must be in the off position during startup.