Prism 7 and 7x

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. You must replace the module or use the Spectra synthesized module. Swapping crystals is against FCC regulations and will leave the transmitter out of tune.

Q. Is my transmitters trainer function compatible with any other manufacturers radios?

A. Yes, the Hitec radios are trainer compatible with another Hitec or Futaba system. Be aware you will need a comparable radio to use any mixing functions and be sure to always use the Hitec trainer cord, part # 58310.

Q. What other receivers will my Prism work with?

A. Any modern FM receiver or Hitec PCM part # 20202 will work; all you need to do is make sure you have selected the proper shift in the main menu. Hitec and Futaba are negative shift and Airtronics, JR and Multiplex are positive shift.

Q. Why is my elevator trim not working?

A. The radio is probably set to stick mode 1. Go into the main menu and reset it to ST2. If you are still having problems, contact our service department.

Q. Why do the centers on my servo move when I switch from high to low dual rate?

A. The gimbals may need to be recalibrated. You would need to send it in to our service center for repair.

Q. When I set the end point on my servo, it will only affect one direction.

A. Endpoints will automatically default to one side only. You must move the stick to the side you want to set and then input the percentage you desire.

Q. Why can I not run two different mixes at the same time or mix any channel that I want?

A. The Prism is limited with how many mixes it can use. You can select Elevon, V-tail or Aileron differential but only one of them at a time.

Q. What is the maximum range of the Prism transmitter?

A. Approximately 2 miles, but we refer to it as "Line of site." If you can see it, you can fly it!

Q. How do I do a range check?

A. With your transmitters antenna collapsed, walk away from your receiver until the servos start to jitter. You should get a minimum of 75ft. If you get significantly less we recommend that you do not fly until you isolate the problem.

Q. Will my Prism work with other PCM receivers?

A. No, PCM cannot be intermixed between brands.

Q. Can I change my Prism over for use on 75MHz?

A. Yes, there are a couple of ways, but be aware that Hitec does not offer the system configured for 75MHz nor will we convert it. The first way is to have an authorized service center like PMC Modeltronics @ 815.233.5646 retune your existing equipment. The other way is to purchase a 75MHz single frequency or Spectra module and the 75MHz Supreme receiver part #23575 and dual conversion crystal #66775XX (XX=CH#).