Ranger 3FM

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. Simply swap out the crystals. Try to stay as close as you can to the original channel for optimum performance.

Q. What other manufacturers receivers will my Ranger work with?

A. You can use any manufacturers single conversion receiver provided you use the proper Hitec FM single conversion crystal (Part# 66875xx).

Q. I would like to have the ratchet to use with my radio, where can I get one?

A. If one did not come with your system you can contact Hitec at (858)748-8440.

Q. The light on my transmitter will not come on and nothing is happening.

A. Check the battery tray and make sure the batteries are touching the contacts. Sometimes you have to roll the batteries around until they all make contact.

Q. How do I install the ratchet in my radio?

A. You will have to remove the back of the radio. Remove the spring and the spring lever. Install the ratchet into the slots in the back of the gimbal. Please refer to the following picture for part placement.