Q. What types of planes should I use the Electron in?

A. The Electron receiver can be used in any type of Aircraft that requires a small and light weight receiver.

Q. How long should the antenna be?

A. The antenna is 42 inches (1050mm). If you are replacing the antenna, make sure to use a multi-strand wire of about 28 gauge.

Q. What crystal does the Electron use?

A. The Electron uses a dual conversion crystal. The part number is 66772xx (xx= channel number). To tell if your crystal is dual conversion or not, examine the pull tab. If the tab has blue end and the letters 'RF' on it, then it is a genuine Hitec dual conversion crystal. Use only genuine Hitec crystals in the Electron or it will have decreased range.

Q. What transmitter will the Electron work with?

A. The Electron is available in two different configurations. The 25272 (negative shift) is for Futaba and Hitec transmitters. The 25372 (positive shift) is for Airtronics and JR transmitters.

Q. Which way do the servos plug in?

A. Looking at the top of the receiver, going from left to right, it is signal, positive and negative.

Q. What are the channel assignments?

A. Channel assignments are set by the transmitter being used. In the case of Hitec, channel 1 is ailerons, channel 2 is elevator, channel 3 is throttle and channel 4 is rudder.

Q. Where can I plug the receiver battery?

A. The battery can be plugged into any available slot.

Q. I have an ESC, which channel do I plug it into?

A. If you are using an ESC with a Hitec transmitter, plug it into the throttle channel (ch 3).