Minima 6L/6S/6E/6T

Q. How do I link my receiver to my transmitter?

A. Before beginning, make sure that you have a fully charged battery to power your receiver and that the transmitter is fully charged. Next, hold the LINK button on the transmitter/module down and turn on the transmitter. For the Aurora only, while still holding the button, press YES to transmit. Please note that is best to hold the link button down with the provided stylus or small tipped utensil like a ballpoint pen or tooth pick. Once the transmitter is powered up, let go of the button. You should now see a blinking light on the module. To bind to the Minima, the blinking light must be blue. If the light is red, press and hold the link button for three seconds. The light should go out and then come back on blinking blue.

Now hold the LINK button down on the receiver and give it power. Once powered on, release the button. The receiver LEDs will begin to flash rapidly and then just the blue LED will be lit. This indicates that the receiver and transmitter are now linked. Cycle power and test operation.

Q. What is the best way to mount the antenna(s)?

A. The two antennas on the Minima should be at 90 degrees to each other. Make sure the antennas are not blocked by any electronics, batteries or carbon.

Q. Where do I plug in the battery?

A. In Hitec receivers, all channel slots are connected on the power pins (positive and negative pins). This allows the user to connect the battery in any available slot. If all channels are being used, then a y-harness is required. Plug the harness into a channel and connect a servo to one side and the battery to the other.

Q. Will this receiver work with other manufacturers 2.4GHz transmitters?

A. Unfortunately, Hitec receivers will only work with Hitec 2.4GHz AFHSS transmitters and Modules.