Optima 6/7/9

Q. How do I link my receiver to my transmitter?

A. Before beginning, make sure the receiver and transmitter batteries are fully charged. Next, hold the LINK button on the transmitter or module down and turn on the transmitter. For the Aurora only, while still holding the button, press YES to transmit. Please note that it is best to hold the link button down with the provided stylus or small tipped utensil like a ballpoint pen or tooth pick. Once the transmitter is powered up, let go of the button. You should now see a blinking red light on the module. If the LED is blinking blue, press the LINK button on the module and hold for three seconds. The LED will switch to blinking red.

Hold the LINK button down on the receiver and give it power. Once powered on, release the button. The transmitter module should now have a blinking blue light and a solid red. This indicates that the receiver and transmitter are now linked. Cycle power and everything should operate properly.

Q. What is the best way to mount the antenna(s)?

A. For the Optima 6/7, if there is room in the fuselage, run the antenna straight back from the receiver. If space is tight, then it can bend up or down. Make sure it is not block by any electronics, batteries or carbon.

The two antennas on the Optima 9 should be at 90 degrees to each other with the same restrictions as the Optima 6/7 receivers.

Q. Where do I plug in the battery?

A. TIn Hitec receivers, all channel slots are connected on the power pins (positive and negative pins). This allows the user to connect the battery in any available slot. If all channels are being used, then a y-harness is required. Plug the harness into one of the channels and connect a servo to one side and the battery to the other.

Q. What is the SPC Port?

A. The Supplemental Power Connection is used to power the RX independently from the main battery in an electric plane, bypassing the B.E.C. circuit of the electronic speed control. The port is used in order to eliminate the possibility of brown outs. With the Aurora, an added advantage of using the S.P.C. port is that the main battery voltage is displayed on the screen.

Q. Will this receiver work with other manufacturers 2.4GHz transmitters?

A. Unfortunately, Hitec receivers will only work with Hitec 2.4GHz AFHSS transmitters and Modules.

Q. How do I update my receiver?

A. It is always best to have the latest update on your Hitec equipment. The Hitec Optima 7 and 9 channel receivers have the ability to be updated by the user. To do so requires a Windows PC, the Hitec HPP-22 PC interface, and the free Hitec HPP-22 PC software. Instructions for downloading and installing our software can be found here:

Once the software is installed, start the program and connect the HPP-22 to your PC. From the menu select receiver and in the drop down box select Optima 7/9. This will open a different screen. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the update process.

Q. What is the voltage range of the receivers?

A. The Optima series receivers have a range from 4.8Vdc to 7.4Vdc. If using a two cell LiPo battery, make sure that the servos being used can also work at the higher voltage.