Spectra 2.4 - 2.4 GHz Modules

Part No: 28315

Product Description

Hitec is proud to introduce our first 2.4GHz products consisting of the Spectra 2.4, 2.4GHz transmitter module and Optima line of receivers. The Hitec 2.4GHz system is capable of converting most existing Hitec Module radios to 2.4GHz and utilizes the latest Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology. Other features of our system include Telemetry capabilities and our exclusive BODA (Boosted Omni-Directional Antenna) system. Providing the hobbyist with the latest technology at an affordable price has always been Hitec’s primary goal, a goal that we have now achieved in 2.4GHz technology.


  • Fits all modern Hitec Module Type Transmitters
  • Versatile Telemetric Data Port
  • Smart Link

Available Models

Stock #28315

SPECTRA 2.4GHz Module & 2 x Optima 6 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver
Stock #29422

SPECTRA 2.4GHz Module & 2 x Optima 7 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver
Stock #29424

SPECTRA 2.4GHz Module & 2 x Optima 9 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver
Stock #29430 

Firmware Updates

HPP-22 VERSION 1.17(1) 4/19/2015

  • SPECTRA 2.4 G2 ver. 2.00(0) Firmware Update - Aurora 9X, Flash 7 and 8
    • Improve SLT connection

HPP-22 VERSION 1.10(0) 6/2011

  • SPECTRA 2.4GHz ver.3.01(0) Firmware Update
    • Improved scan mode to make it easier to use
    • Added compatibility for Hitec's non-telemetry 2.4GHz receivers (Minima)
    • Improved LED indicator error after Scan is done
    • Version 3.01 Manual

HPP-22 VERSION 1.02 8/2/2010

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