HPD-07RH QPCM - 7 Ch. FM Dual Conversion QPCM Receiver

Part No: 27372

Product Description

Use the Q-PCM Eclipse and Optic 6 transmitters with our HPD-07RH 7 Channel, Q-PCM receiver and have the most solid signal available. Created for gas planes and all heli's, the HPD-07RH uses Hitec's "Shock Absorber Technology" for clear reception under the harshest conditions.


• 7 Channel 72Mhz QPCM • Dual Battery Slots
• Shock Absorber Technology             • Fail Safe
• Narrow Band • Power Indicator LED
• Low Voltage Operation (3.0V)


Modulation: PCM
Conversion Type: Dual
Size in Inches: 2.10 x 1.40 x 0.90
Size in Millimeters: 53.34 x 35.56 x 22.86
Weight ounces: 1.27
Weight grams: 36.00

Available Models

  • Stock #27372 Q-PCM 7 Channel Receiver
  • Stock #66772XX Crystal (XX=CH#)