Micro 05S - 5 Ch. FM Single Conversion Receiver with Auto Shift

Part No: 25572

Product Description

The Micro 05S 5-channel receiver is available individually or bundled in several affordable flight packs and radio systems. The innovative Micro 05S receiver features auto-shift technology, and can be operated with any brand of modern FM transmitter. Designed for small airplane use, the Micro 05S uses the 5th channel as a 6th channel to accommodate two aileron servos in today's sophisticated high performance micro electric aircraft.


Ultra Light Weight and Micro Size • FM Single Conversion
• Auto Gain Control (AGC)            • Full Range
• 5 Channel (1-4CH, 6CH)  


Modulation: FM
Conversion Type: Single
Size in Inches: 1.27 x 0.78 x 0.40
Size in Millimeters: 32.26 x 19.81 x 10.16
Weight ounces: 0.30
Weight grams: 8.50

Available Models

  • Stock #25572 Universal
  • Stock #66472XX Crystal (XX=CH#)

* Note: Not compatible with 9Z if using the synthesized module.</p