Mini 6S - 6 Ch. FM Single Conversion Receiver with Auto Shift

Part No: 28872

Product Description

The Mini-6S receiver meets or exceeds the performance level of any FM single conversion aircraft receiver on the market today. The Mini-6S provides glitch free performance in a small package making it the perfect choice for any application where a full range micro receiver is desirable.


• 72MHz FM Single Conversion • Auto Gain
• Full Range      • Auto Shift
• Narrow Band • Compact Size


Modulation: FM
Conversion Type: Single
Size in Inches: 1.44 x 1.00 x 0.70
Size in Millimeters: 36.58 x 25.40 x 17.78
Weight ounces: 0.53
Weight grams: 15.03

Available Models

  • Stock #28872 Mini-6S 6 Channel Receiver
  • Stock #66472XX Crystal (XX=CH#)

* Note: Not compatible with 9Z if using the synthesized module.