HTS-Navi USB Telemetry Receiver

Part No: 29701

Product Description

The HTS-Navi USB Telemetry Receiver allows you to wirelessly receive essential telemetry data on your PC without the need and inconvenience of cable

Firmware Updates

HPP-22 VERSION 1.11(1) 10/24/2011

  1. Added function for HTS-Navi Telemetry PC receiver
  2. HTS-NAVI ver.1.02(0) Firmware Update

HPP-22 VERSION 1.10(0) 6/2011

  1. Telemetry monitoring display functions and firmware update functions are now separate.
    • Firmware update function: Select "Update / Setting" category
    • Telemetry monitoring display: Push "HTS-CC(Hitec Telemetry System -Command Center)" Icon
  2. New HTS-NAVI (Wireless telemetry receiver) has been added to the HTS-CC