HTS-Voice Telemetry Voice Announcing System

Part No: 55841

Product Description

Designed to fit on the handle of all Hitec radios, this system audibly provides telemetry data via speakers or earphones.

  • Audible Telemetry Information Readout via Speaker or Earphone
  • Selectable Information Readout 
  • Volume Adjustable
  • 3.5mm Earphone Port 
  • Power LED Indicator
  • Operates on 2 AAA Batteries
  • Designed to fit with on Handle of all Hitec Radios

Firmware Updates

HPP-22 VERSION 1.19(0) 7/17/2015

  • HTS-VOICE Maintenance Release
    • Fixed Czech language bug 

HPP-22 VERSION 1.15(0) 7/25/2015

  • Added functions
    • HTS-VOICE ver. 1.04(1) Altitude Reset Function added to reset altitude when Voice is turned on

HPP-22 VERSION 1.14(0) 5/13/2013

  1. HTS-VOICE firmware update capabilities added
  2. HTS-VOICE ver.1.04(0) Firmware Update
    • Added HTS-Advance sensor system to HTS-VOICE

HPP-22 VERSION 1.12(0) 3/5/2012 (Download Latest HPP-22 Software Here)

  1. HTS-VOICE Firmware update and Set up can be done using HPP-22
  2. HTS-VOICE ver.1.03(0) Firmware Update
    • Real time receiver battery voltage announcement (w/o using sensor station)