Multiplex AcroMaster

Part No: M214215

Product Description

Become a 3D expert with the AcroMaster!  Multiplex proudly announce the first quiet electric plane that looks and flies like a .30 size 3D balsa plane but with the durability of ELAPOR Foam construction.   Designed by Aerobatic Champion Martin Muller, the AcroMastercombines the ultimate in 3D flight capabilities with Multiplex's reputation for easy to build, easy to fly and very tough foam airplanes.  Whether you are looking for a Sport Flyer, a Pattern Plane or pure 3D thrills, the handsome AcroMaster will satisfy your needs.  It's also an ideal match for capabilities of the Optic 6 transmitter.

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 43 in.
Wing Area: 583 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 7.9 - 8.6 oz. | sq. ft.
Fuselage Length: 45 in.
Weight (English): 32 oz. to 35 oz.
Flight Characteristics: 3D, Pattern
Target User: Intermediate / Advanced

Recommended Equipment

Motor: 350 - 500 watt 36mm Outrunner
Speed Control: 45 - 55 amp
Propeller: 11 x 5.5
Battery: 3S 2100 - 3200mAh LiPo
Servos: (2) HS-85BB and (2) HS-55
Radio System 6 Channel


Spare Parts


M993215 AcroMaster Power Pack - Himax 3516-1130, 54 amp ESC

Replacement Parts

M224200 AcroMaster Fuselage Set
M224201 AcroMaster Canopy
M224202 AcroMaster Wing Set
M224203 AcroMaster Tail Set
M224204 AcroMaster Wheel Pants
M224205 AcroMaster Small Parts Set
M224206 AcroMaster / Gemini Undercarriage Set
M224207 AcroMaster / Gemini / Mentor Spinner
M332686 AcroMaster Motor Mount
M723187 AcroMaster Wing Joiner

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