Multiplex Cularis

Part No: M214218

Product Description

The Cularis features "Full House" operation with ailerons and flaps for full trailing edge camber and reflex, plus CROW capability for accurate landings. Optional electric power set with ample power. Broad performance spectrum with a wide speed range, including aerobatics and thermaling The Cularis can be built as a pure glider or electric power.


Innovative Features

  • The mechanical retainer system engages automatically when the wings are plugged in at the same time the servos are connected electronically, eliminating the tedious task of connecting the wing-mounted servos.
  • The all moving tail-plane is also removable with an automatic retainer system.

Design Features

  • Two carbon wing spars for ample strength Like the all moving tail plane, the wings can be unlocked and removed very simply, for easy transport
  • GRP reinforcements in the fuselage and tailplane
  • Wing mounted servos covered by protective fairings
  • Polycarbonate fuselage nose reinforcement
  • All the electronic components have a predefined position in the model.

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 102 in.
Wing Area: 852 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 418 sq. in.
Fuselage Length: 49 in.
Weight (English): 49 oz. Glider
Flight Characteristics: Glider, Sail Plane
Target User: Intermediate to Advanced

Recomended Gear (not included)

Hitec Radio: Aurora 9
Hitec Receiver: Optima 7 or 9
Receiver Battery: 750 mAh NiMh


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M224208 Cularis Fuselage Shells/Snakes
M224209 Cularis Canopy
M224210 Cularis Wing and Spar Tubes
M224211 Cularis Tailplane
M224212 Cularis Tail Fin
M224213 Cularis Small Items Set
M703455 Swival Pushrod Connector x2 (Pair)
M723470 Cularis Glider Aero-Tow Mech
M724382 Cularis Servo Fairing (Pair)
M724437 Cularis Decal Sheet
M725136 Canopy Clips All MPX Models
M733183 Cularis Prop Driver and Blade Holder
M85055 Cularis Cable Set