Multiplex Easy Star II

Part No: M214260

Product Description

Updated and upgraded, the quick-to-build and easy-to-fly EasyStar II is sure to become one of your favorite models. Based on one of our most popular aircraft, the original EasyStar, this improved kit boasts larger internal space, more payload capability and optional ailerons. It is designed to accept a powerful brushless motor which makes it a versatile, durable aircraft sure to impress both the beginner and more advanced pilots. Its gentle gliding characteristics and ease of transport make the EasyStar II effortless hobby fun.


  • Folding propeller for reduced drag in glider mode
  • Protected pod motor mount
  • Easily detachable tail plane for ease of transport
  • Large internal space with ample room for high capacity LiPo packs

Includes: Foam Airframe, Plastic Parts, Spinner, Propeller and Hub.

Required for Completion: 4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver, 2 or 4 Micro Servos, Motor, Electronic Speed Controller and Battery.

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 54 in (1366mm)
Wing Area: 435 sq. in. (approx. 28 dm²)
Wing Loading: 8.28 oz/sq ft. (25 g/dm²)
Overall Length: 38.5 in (977mm)
Weight: 25 oz. (approx. 700g)
Control Functions: Elevator / Rudder/ Throttle
Optional Control Functions: Aileron
Flight Characteristics: Trainer
Target User: Beginner / Intermediate


Kit - Recommended to Complete

Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent): 5 Channels / Flash 7 or Higher
Servos: 2 x HS-55
Brushless Motor (Size / KV Range): 2830 / 1100
Speed Control: Energy Sport 20 amp
Propeller: 7 x 6 in. / Folding Prop
Battery: 3S - 3200
Receiver: 5-Channel


Available Models

Easy Star II Kit


  • Easy Star II Airframe
  • All Plastic Components

(Stock# M214260)

SkyScout R2GO (Discontinued)

Includes Pre-Installed:

  • Hitec Lite 4 2.4GHz 4-Channel Radio w/4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Minima 6S Receiver
  • HS-55 Servos
  • 235-watt Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • 18 amp ESC
  • 3S 1300mAh LiPo
  • DC/DC Balancing Charger

(Stock# 13207)

SkyScout H2GO (Discontinued)

Includes Pre-Installed:

  • Minima 6S Receiver
  • HS-55 Servos
  • 235-watt Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • 18 amp ESC
  • 3S 1300mAh LiPo
  • DC/DC Balancing Charger

(Stock# 13209)

SkyScout P2GO (Discontinued)

Includes Pre-Installed:

  • HS-55 Servos
  • 235-watt Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • 18 amp ESC

(Stock# 13210)

SkyScout Kit (Discontinued)


  • SkyScout Airframe
  • All Plastic Components

(Stock# 13211)

Spare Parts

Easy Star II Replacement Parts


M224239 Easy Star ll Fuselage Set
M224242 Easy Star ll Wing Set (White)
M224240 Easy Star ll Canopy
M224241 Easy Star ll Tail Plane Assembly
M224243 Easy Star ll Small Parts Set
M224244 Easy Star ll Fuselage Plastic Set
M723193 Easy Star ll Wing Joiner Spar
M733506 Easy Star ll Complete Prop, Driver and Spinner Set
M733194 Easy Star ll Folding Prop Blades 7" x 6"
M724293 MiniMag / Easy Star / Micro Jet / Twin Jet Replacement Prop
M725136 MCanopy Clips for Easy Star / Micro Jet / Sonic Liner


Easy Star II Complete Prop, Driver and Spinner Set

M724607 Easy Star ll Decal Sheet
M214260 Easy Star II RR Kit
M224242 Easy Star ll Wings
M224243 Easy Star II Small Parts Set
M723193 Easy Star II Spar Tube

SkyScout Replacement Parts

57001 SkyScout Fusalage & Canopy Set
57002 SkyScout Wing & Tail Wing Set
57003 SkyScout Wing Joiner
57004 SkyScout Servo Mounts
57005 SkyScout Tailplane Clip Set
57006 SkyScout Control Horn Set
57007 SkyScout Canopy Latch Set
57008 SkyScout Motor Mount Set
57009 SkyScout Prop Hub Set
57010 SkyScout Prop Blades
57011 SkyScout Decal Sheets
57012 SkyScout Motor  
57013 SkyScout ESC
57014 SkyScout Battery
57015 SkyScout Charger