Multiplex Easy Star - RR

Part No: M264192

Product Description

The Easy Star was designed for first time pilots in mind, and offers incredibly stable flight characteristics and durability. It’s powered by a powerful Speed 400 motor mounted on the top, so hard landings won’t break the prop or hurt the motor. The Easy Star flies with little input and has the ability to recover easily. Made from Multiplex’s durable “ELAPOR” Foam, the Easy Star will take a tremendous amount of abuse without breaking. When it does break it's easily repaired with CA (super) glue. Even after many crashes, the Easy Star will be ready for more. This is a great plane to teach someone to fly where other trainers would be ready for the trash can! 

The Easy Star Receiver Ready is perfect for the Pilot who already has a radio system.  Just like in the RTF version most of the flight gear is already installed, just add receiver and a battery and you’re ready to go.


  • No Painting Required, Prefabricated and Colorful Parts made of Shockproof ELAPOR Foam
  • Protected Motor is mounted above the Wings for Safety and Durability
  • Especially Designed for Beginners Learning to Fly
  • The Easy Star can be dismantled for Easy Transport
  • Flown with Elevator/Rudder and Motor Control
  • Good Gliding Properties, even with the Motor Turned Off

The Easy Star RR version includes the following components preinstalled for your convenience

  • Permax Speed 400 Motor
  • Multicont X-16 Electronic Speed Control
  • 2 x Tiny-S Servos
  • Requires Transmitter, Receiver and Flight Battery to Complete

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 54 in.
Wing Area: 372 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 10.76 oz. | sq. ft.
Fuselage Length: 34 in.
Motor: Permax Speed 400 6V (Included)
Battery: 6 Cell NiMH 1100mAh
Speed Control: 8 Amp Brushed ESC (Included)
Weight (English): 24 oz.
Flight Characteristics: Trainer
Target User: Beginner


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M155545 Replacement Easy Star Motor Battery
M224193 Easy Star Fuselage and Canopy
M224197 Easy Star Canopy
M224198 Easy Star Wing Set (Silver)
M224199 Easy Star Rudder and Elevator Set
M703455 Swival Pushrod Connector x2 (Pair)
M723188 EasyStar Wing Joiner
M724124 EasyStar Decal Set
M724293 MicroJet/Twin Jet/EasyStar Prop
M725136 Canopy Clips All MPX Models

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