Multiplex FunCub XL - RR

Part No: M264331

Product Description

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Our Multiplex FunCub XL expands all the fun enjoyed by thousands with the original, in a new larger size! Featuring the same high-wing aerobatic performance, offset flaps for incredibly short takeoff and landing characteristics, and big, soft tundra tires, the FunCub XL lets you fly almost anywhere, from nearly any terrain. Just like its brother Cub, the FunCub XL features the same oversized control surfaces, loads of power and precise, balanced handling for unlimited aerobatic flight, including horizon-to-horizon knife edge passes, endless vertical, and thrilling torque rolls. Setting new standards in its class, with numerous innovative design solutions, the XL also incorporates Multiplex’s "M-Frame technology,” providing a remarkably high-strength fuselage with lightweight carbon tube spars, two-piece wing and quick-release strut fittings for easy field assembly. In addition to the popular aero tow release, elegant LED cover accents make it an absolute eye-catching aerial wonder. The internal cargo bay is perfect for candy drops or lofting Alfred the Parachutist! Certainly, it wouldn’t be a true FunCub without an optional float kit available! 

The FunCub XL RR version comes completely assembled and factory painted with applied decals. Featuring a high-performance, powerful brushless motor, remarkably reliable speed control and Hitec’s renowned HS-225BB servos, this receiver ready model comes out of the box 95% complete, allowing for instantaneous FUNtastic flight!


  • Full-on Aerobatic Performance
  • Low Minimum Airspeed
  • Easy Handling
  • Two Part Wing for Easy Transport
  • Offset Landing Flaps for Steep Descents and Short Takeoffs
  • Off-road Performance with Huge, Soft Wheels
  • High-strength Fuselage with “M-Frame Technology”
  • Strong and Lightweight Carbon Fiber Wing Tubes
  • Suitable for Aero towing 2.5M Gliders (i.e. Multiplex Heron size)
  • Optional Float Set, Lights and Parachutist

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 67 in (1700mm)
Wing Area: 791 sq. In. (51 dm²)
Wing Loading: 18.35 oz/sq ft. (56 g/dm²)
Overall Length: 47.25 in (1200mm)
Weight: 6 lbs. 5 oz. (2850g)
Control Functions: Aileron / Elevator / Flaps / Motor / Rudder
Optional Control Functions: Tow Hook / Chute / Landing Lights
Flight Characteristics: Large Sport
Target User: Intermediate


Included with RR (95% Complete):

  • ELAPOR® and Wood Airframe
  • Brushless Permax BL-O 4235-0480 Motor
  • MULTIcont BL-60 ESC Controller
  • Propeller 15 x 8 in.
  • Six Hitec HS-225BB servos
  • Self-adhesive Decals

Receiver Ready - Required to Complete

Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent): 9 Channels / Aurora 9X
Battery: 3S - 3200mAh
Receiver: 9-Channel


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts


Fun Cub Xl Fuselage Set


Fun Cub XL Wingset


Fun Cub XL Cowl


Fun Cub XL Rudder and Elevator


Fun Cub XL Landing Gear Set


Fun Cub XL Wheels


Fun Cub XL Tail Wheel Set


Fun Cub XL Canopy


Fun Cub XL Position Light Covers


Fun Cub XL Hinge Set


Fun Cub XL Strut Mountings


Fun Star Wing Screws


Fun Cub XL Spar Joiner


Fun Cub XL Decal Set


Fun Cub XL Spinner


Fun Cub XL Propeller 15" x 8"


Parachutist Alfred


Fun Cub XL Floats


RR Fun Cub XL Fuselage Set


RR Fun Cub XL Fuselage w/Decal 


RR Fun Cub XL Rudder w/Elevator Set


Funcub XL Light Set


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