Multiplex FunCopter V2 - RR

Product Description

Our original FunCopter just got better! The new FunCopter V2 boasts a heartier, more powerful brushless motor along with revised fly-bar paddles for smoother, neutral handling and a redesigned tail rotor hub and shaft for added durability. This improved heli makes your flying experience the best ever! Based upon the popular design of the Lite Machines™ Corona, the FunCopter V2 maintains the unique features of the original with a special direct drive train system providing high efficiency for longer flight times and extremely flexible rotor blades for durable crash-resistance.

Fliers transitioning from fixed wing flight or stepping up from coaxial helis will enjoy the versatility and reliability of the FunCopter V2. This is the perfect heli for the beginner pilot.


  • Ultra Durable Design and Construction
  • Fixed Pitch Rotors
  • Full Body EPP Foam Fuselage
  • Quiet Direct Drive Power System
  • Long Flight Times
  • Easily Accessible Electronics
  • Full 4-Channel Control using Traditional Yaw, Pitch and Roll/Throttle Functions


  • Fuselage Length – 34 in.
  • Rotor Diameter – 31 in.
  • Weight – 45 o

Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M223001 FunCopter Tail RTF Blades (pair)
M223002 FunCopter Main Rotor Shaft
M223003 FunCopter Blade Holder (pair) 5deg
M223004 FunCopter Gear Set
M223005 FunCopter Pushrod Set
M223006 FunCopter Main Rotor Lever Set
M223007 FunCopter Swashplate Set
M223008 FunCopter Nickteeter Set
M223009 FunCopter Servo Output Arm Set
M223010 FunCopter Main Rotor Head Set
M223011 FunCopter Auxiliary Rotor Set
M223012 FunCopter Tail Rotor Shaft
M223014 FunCopter Tail Rotor Linkage Set
M223015 FunCopter Tail Gearbox Housing Set
M223016 FunCopter Chassis Set
M223017 FunCopter Skid Holder
M223018 FunCopter Undercarriage Set
M223019 FunCopter Decal Sheet
M223020 FunCopter Fuselage Front + Glazing
M223021 FunCopter Fuselage Rear + Tailplanes
M223022 FunCopter Main Rotor Blades (pair)
M223023 FunCopter Adjustment Linkage
M223028 FunCopter Main Gear Set
M223029 FunCopter Tail Gear
M223031 FunCopter V2 Upgrade Kit
M75503 FunCopter Replacement Gyro