Multiplex Funman

Part No: M264266

Product Description

Take off from almost any field with the high-wing FunMan! Featuring a robust, brushless motor, oversize wheels and standard rudder, elevator and throttle controls, this responsive, Elapor foam airplane delivers pure enjoyment. Its controlled maneuverability and light-wing loading make it a great beginner flyer with docile handling. As your confidence builds, upgrade your FunMan with a pair of aileron servos for increased aerobatic potential. And add our float kit for maximum fun!


  • Ideal Flying Characteristics for the Beginner
  • Incredible Compact and Robust Design Made of Elapor Foam
  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Available Optional Float Set

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 39.8 in (1010mm)
Wing Area: 341 sq. in. (22 dm²)
Wing Loading: 8.7 oz/sq ft. (26 g/dm²)
Overall Length: 32.3 in (820mm)
Weight: 20.5 oz. (approx. 580g)
Control Functions: Elevator / Motor / Rudder
Opiontain Control Functions: Aileron
Flight Characteristics: Sport
Target User: Begionner / Intermediate


Receiver Ready - Required to Complete

Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent): 5 Channels / Flash 7 or Higher
Battery: 3S - 950mAh
Receiver: 5-Channel


Spare Parts


M733069 FunMan / MiniMag Float Set
M65164 FunMan Aileron Kit - Includes 2 x HS-55 Servos, control horns and linkages

Replacement Parts

M224175 FunMan / Minimag Fuselage and Control Snakes
M224176 FunMan / Minimag Canopy
M224177 FunMan / Minimag Wings
M224178 FunMan / Minimag Tail Set
M224256 FunMan Small Parts Set
M224257 FunMan Undercarraige Set
M724397 FunMan Decal Sheet

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