Multiplex Merlin

Part No: M214237

Product Description

The Merlin is the latest addition to Multiplex's line of Elapor sail planes. Compact in size, the Merlin offers full size performance at a fraction of the cost. Built using the ultra durable Elapor® foam and high quality plastic parts the Merlin has the same legendary durability as our other sail planes while maintaining the excellent flying characteristics our customers have come to expect. Whether it is built as a pure glider or as an electric the "take it wherever you go" Merlin is sure to delight any modeler.


  • Low parts count for quick and easy assembly 
  • Molded of ultra durable Elapor® Foam 
  • Can be built as a glider or as an electric version 
  • Elevator, Rudder and 2 Servo Aileron Controls 
  • Stable flying characteristics 
  • Raised ailerons as landing aid 
  • High-quality plastic components 
  • Easily taken apart for easy transport

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 31
Wing Area: 175 sq. In.
Wing Loading: 8.7 oz. per Sq. Ft.
Fuselage Length: 24 in.
Weight (English): 8.6 / 10.5 Electric
Target User: Intermediate

Recommended Equipment

Motor: 50-100 watt Outrunner
Speed Control: 10 - 18 amp
Propeller: 8 x 5 Folding
Battery: 3S 450mAh LiPo
Servos: (4) HS-55
Receiver: Hitec Optima 6


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M224100 Merlin Fuselage Shells and Snake
M224101 Merlin Wings
M224102 Merlin Tail Set
M224103 Merlin Small Items Set
M224104 Merlin Injected Parts Set
M224105 Merlin Door In Fuselage
M723132 Merlin CFRP Spars
M724551 Merlin Decal Sheet
M733503 Merlin Driver, Blade Support and Spinner
M733192 Merlin Folding 7 x 4 Blades (Pair)
M332553 Merlin Prop Driver and Hub Set