Multiplex MiniMag - Ready to Fly

Part No: M13209

Product Description

Looking for a handsome, easy to fly trainer with a scale appearance?  Multiplex brings you the MiniMag.  Conveniently sized to be flown in a small area and transported with very little effort, the MiniMag is constructed of durable ELAPOR Foam and has the option to add aileron control for enhanced flight characteristics.  The MiniMag takes off and lands from a hard surface with the included landing gear or can be built with the optional float set (sold seperately) for water take-offs and landings.  MiniMag is available as a Kit, Radio Ready, and Ready to Fly.  Float set requires brushless motor for water take-offs. 


Ready to Fly Version Includes

  • Hitec Zebra 4 Channel Transmitter
  • Hitec HFS-06MT Receiver
  • Two Tiny-S Servos
  • X-08 Speed Control
  • Motor Battery and Charger

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 39.75 in.
Wing Area: 341 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 11.5 oz. sq. ft.
Fuselage Length: 32.25 in.
Motor: Permax Speed 400 6V (Included)
Battery: 2X 7 Cell NiMH 1200 (Included)
Speed Control: X-08 Brushed ESC (Included)
Weight (English): 20.5 oz.
Flight Characteristics: Trainer
Target User: Beginner / Intermediate


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M224175 MiniMag Fuselage
M224176 MiniMag Canopy
M224177 MiniMag Wing Set
M224178 MiniMag Tail Set
M224179 MiniMag Small Parts Set
M224180 MiniMag Undercarriage Set
M703455 Swival Pushrod Connector x2 (Pair)
M713340 M x 50mm Nylon Screws (10)
M723134 Replacement Wing Retainer Strap
M723135 Undercarriage Retainer/Screw
M725136 Canopy Clips All MPX Models
M224179 Accessories
M724293 Propellar
M993211 Power Pack

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