Multiplex Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter

Part No: M264290,M264291

Product Description

Designed to emulate the full-scale, single-engine, seven-seat STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) Pilatus PC-6, our radio control version boasts Multiplex’s signature Elapor foam construction and comes with 6 servos, high performance brushless motor and efficient speed control all preinstalled. Its realistic design elements include internal control linkages, simulated rivets and panel lines, aerials, glazed cockpit, a scale sprung undercarriage and attractive painted finish. With detachable wings and tailplane and large control surfaces, the Pilatus PC-6 is easy to assemble and transport and is amazingly agile in the air. This attractive model is capable of performing dazzling aerobatic maneuvers including vertical climbs, knife-edge passes, torque rolls and extremely short takeoff s and landings and will be a sure show stopper at your field. Add the optional fl oat set and extend your missions to snow and water! The Pilatus PC-6 also makes an awesome tow plane for extended enjoyment with your favorite mid-size gliders.


  • Durable Elapor Foam Replica of the FamousFull Scale STOL Legend
  • Easy Assembly
  • Ready for Flight in less than 30 Minutes
  • Preinstalled Servos, High Performance Brushless Motor and ESC


  • Wingspan: 49.2 in
  • Overall Length: 36.6 in
  • Weight: 38.8 oz
  • RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Motor and Flaps

Needed to Complete

  • 6-channel Radio & Receiver
  • 3S 2100-2700mAh LiPo Battery

Spare Parts


M733060 Pilatus PC-6 Float Kit

Replacement Parts

M224360 Pilatus PC-6 Fuselage White w/o Hatch
M224361 Pilatus PC-6 Battery Hatch Cover
M224362 Pilatus PC-6 Main Landing Gear
M224363 Pilatus PC-6 Tail Wheel
M224364 Pilatus PC-6 Elevator Assembly - White
M224365 Pilatus PC-6 Servo Cover
M224366 Pilatus PC-6 Wings - White
M224367 Pilatus PC-6 Wing Spar Tube
M224368 Pilatus PC-6 Wing Strut Assembly
M224369 Pilatus PC-6 Spinner
M224370 Pilatus PC-6 Prop Adapter
M224371 Pilatus PC-6 Small Parts Set
M224372 Pilatus PC-6 Landing Gear Springs
M825884 Pilatus PC-6 BL-O 3530-1100 Brushless Motor
M72234 Pilatus PC-6 MULTIcont BL-40 SD BPM ESC
M65113 Multiplex Servo MS-12014
M224373 Pilatus PC-6 Decal Sheet - Blue
M224374 Pilatus PC-6 Decal Sheet - Red
M224375 Pilatus PC-6 Wing Strut Clips
M224379 Pilatus PC-6 Propeller 11 x 5.5 Electric

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