Multiplex Tucan

Part No: M214284

Product Description


The sleek, low-wing Tucan makes a great sport trainer and aerobatic flyer, providing endless flying fun. Its stable, well-constructed design delivers superb performance combined with good natured handling. A detailed cockpit, clear canopy, strong undercarriage and stylish decals are just some of the outstanding features that set it apart from other airframes in its class. With fittings for optional retracts, the Tucan is sophisticated perfection!


  • Easygoing, Low-Wing Aircraft with Aerobatic Capabilities
  • Sturdy Fuselage
  • Clear Canopy with Superbly Detailed Cockpit
  • Fittings for Optional Retracts

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 51.18 in (1300mm)
Wing Area: 496 sq. in. (32 dm²)
Wing Loading: 18.95 oz/sq ft. (58 g/dm²)
Overall Length: 43.7 in (1110mm)
Weight: 65.3 oz. (approx. 1850g)
Control Functions: Aileron / Controllable / Elevator / Flaps / Rudder / Throttle
Opiontain Control Functions: Retractable Landing Gear
Flight Characteristics: Sport
Target User: Intermediate


Kit  - Recommended to Complete

Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent): 5 Channels / Flash 7 or Higher
Servos: 4 x HS-81 / 1 x HS-82MG
Brushless Motor (Size / KV Range): 3528 / 1000
Speed Control: Energy Sport 60 amp
Propeller: 12 x 6 in.
Battery: 3S - 3200
Receiver: 5-Channel


Available Models

  • Stock# M214284 - Tucan Kit
  • Stock# M993228 - Tucan Power Pack
  • Stock# M723845 - Retractable Landing Gear 

Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M224280 Tucan Fuselage 
M224281 Tucan Wings
M224282 Tucan Canopy with Cockpit Cradle
M224283 Tucan Spinner with Backplate
M224284 Tucan Tail Set
M224286 Tucan Decal Sheet
M224289 Tucan Small Parts Set
M224290 Tucan Undercarriage Set
M725144 Magnet for Canopy
M725144 Tucan Canopy Magnets