Multiplex TwinStar II - RR

Part No: M264210

Product Description

One of Multiplex's most popular planes over the years has been the Styrofoam TwinStar.  Now it's been updated to a fresh, cleaner design and molded from the super strong ELAPOR Foam.  The new TwinStar II features all foam construction, a two piece wing, and two powerful Permax Speed 400 motors.

Receiver Ready Version Requires

  • Motor Battery
  • Minimum of 4 Channel Hitec Receiver
  • Minimum 4 Channel Transmitter

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 56 in.
Wing Area: 667 sq. in. Electric
Wing Loading: 7.12 oz. | sq. ft. Electric
Fuselage Length: 40.5 in.
Motor: 2X Permax Speed 400 6V (Included)
Battery: 8 Cell NiMH 3000mAh
Speed Control: 30 Amp Brushed ESC
Weight (English): 51 in.
Flight Characteristics: Trainer
Target User: Intermediate


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M224170 TwinStar II Fuselage
M224171 TwinStar II Canopy
M224172 TwinStar II Wing Panels
M224173 TwinStar II Tail Set
M224174 TwinStar II Small Parts Set
M703455 Swival Pushrod Connector x2 (Pair)
M713340 M x 50mm Nylon Screws (10)
M723134 Replacement Wing Retainer Strap
M723191 Twin Star II Wing Joiner
M724293 MicroJet/Twin Jet/EasyStar Prop
M725136 Canopy Clips All MPX Models