Multiplex Xeno

Part No: M214239, M214239E (electric)

Product Description


Looking for the best built flying wing on the market? Look no further than the Xeno. Most flying wings are built from cheap foam or flimsy balsa and film, but not the Xeno. It's built from the ultra durable Elapor foam that has come to signify quality and durability in the foam airplane market. Utilizing the latest 3D CAD/CAM design techniques and our superior foam molding technology, the Xeno takes the flying wings to new heights with its unparalleled durability and performance. The unique design of the Xeno allows it to be switched from glider to electric in a matter of seconds and it even folds in half for easy storage convenience. 


  • Requires just a simple radio control system with delta mixing
  • Removable / replaceable fins
  • Folds in half for easy transport
  • Good-natured flying characteristics, simple to fly stall-proof
  • Broad speed range, a genuine fun-flyer!
  • Optional electric power set: fitted in seconds. 
  • Optional transport bag with strap attachment (# 76 3317)

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 50 In.
Wing Area: 596 Sq. In.
Wing Loading: 4.1 - 4.8 oz./sq. ft.
Fuselage Length: N/A
Weight (English): 14.1 oz Glider / 16.5 oz. (electric)
Target User: Beginner / Intermediate

Recommended Equipment

Motor: 50-150 watt Outrunner
Speed Control: 20-30 amp
Propeller: 9 x 6 Folding
Battery: 3S 950mAh LiPo
Servos: (2) HS-82MG
Receiver: Hitec Optima 6


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M224106 Xeno Wing Panels
M224107 Xeno Fins (Pair)
M224108 Xeno Cover For Powerstream
M224109 Xeno Canopy Power
M224110 Xeno Small Injected Items - Glider
M224111 Xeno Small Injected Items Power
M224112 Xeno Canopy - Glider
M724559 Xeno Decal Sheet
M733492 Xeno 9 x 6 Folding Prop Blades (Pair)
M733504 Xeno Spinner Hub and Blade Holder
M733505 Xeno Shaft and Driver 3 and 4mm