HSG-8315BH High Voltage, Ultra-Fast Helicopter Tail Rotor Servo

Part No: 38315

Product Description

Our new supersonic helicopter servo is fast and furious fun! Built with ultra-speed in mind, the HSG-8315BH has a robust Karbonite and aluminum hybrid gear train, high-performance coreless motor and high resolution, low dead band circuitry. It is the perfect tail rotor servo for 500+ size electric and 50-size and up gas pilots whose maneuvers and aerobatics demand the utmost precision and acceleration. Rated at 7.4 volts for 2S LiPo operation with a 560Hz refresh rate, the HSG-8315BH rivals anything like it on the market. Throw in its 25-tooth standard spline and dual ball bearings and it is sure to become one of your favorite servos!


  • Ultra-fast Tail Rotor Servo
  • High Performance, Coreless Motor
  • High Resolution, Low Dead Band Curcuitry
  • Karbonite/Aluminum Gear Train
  • Remarkable 200~560 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Equipped with the Industry Standard 25-tooth Spline


  • Karbonite Gear Set | Link |
  • Applicable Horns

HS-8315BH Servo Specifications

Performance Specifications
Operating Voltage Range (Volts DC) 6.0V ~ 7.4V
Speed (Second @ 60°) 0.05 ~ 0.04
Maximum Torque Range oz. / in. 60 ~ 74
Maximum Torque Range kg. / cm. 4.3 ~ 5.3
Current Draw at Idle 10 mA
No Load Operating Current Draw 300 mA
Stall Current Draw 3,150 mA
Dead Band Width < 1 µs
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (Inches) 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.50
Dimensions (Metric) 40.0 x 20.0 x 38.0
Weight (Ounces) 2.12
Weight (Gram) 60.0
Circuit Type HR Digital
Motor Type Coreless Metal Brush
Gear Material Karbonite
Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Output Shaft (type / Ømm) H25T
Case Material Plastic / Aluminum
Dust / Water Resistance Splash Proof
Connector Gauge (AWG) / Strand Count 22 / 80