Kole DeWoody

Kole DeWoody

Kole has been a great representative of Hitec over the years and we're so happy to have him a part of the team.

Pilot Profile

Nick Name:


Day Job:

Owner of Limitless Aero

Team Member since: 2012
Hobbies (Besides R/C):

Anything with an engine - race cars, motorcycles, boats, full scale aircraft

Favorite R/C Model:

This is a hard one but I would say my 92” edge v3...it’s just an awesome plane.

Favorite Movie:

The Aviator - airplanes and Leonardo...how can you go wrong?;War of the Worlds

Favorite Artist or Song:

Right now? Avicii – Hey Brother 

What You Like Most About Flying for Hitec:

I would say the best part about flying with Hitec is the team feeling, it really feels like a family. It goes without saying but also getting to use the best equipment in the industry. I really like how Hitec always pushes to innovate and try new things. it’s what really stood out to me back when I first started flying.