Press Release: Multiplex Heron



Pure Glider Elegance!

Prepare to be awestruck with the impressive and elegant Multiplex Heron. This high performance electric glider with its efficiently designed t-tail, four-flap wing and streamlined fuselage bring precision to a broad spectrum of flying. Whether you enjoy lofty thermal soaring, high speed aerial adventure or spirited aerobatics, the Heron delivers the flying experience you crave. Its four-flap wing is equipped with an innovative CFRP/Aluminum tubular spar technology for extreme rigidity and stabilization, setting an entirely new standard for the 2.4 meter wingspan class. The Heron is available in a RECEIVER READY and a KIT version. The RR includes an ultra-efficient brushless motor, servos, servo extensions and applied decals while the KIT requires a power pack. Designed of resilient Elapor® foam with a folding propeller, detachable wings and tail wing for easy transport and stylishly designed cockpit with a clear canopy, the Heron raises the bar in the glider genre. Let your spirit soar with this elegant flying machine.


  • 5-Channel Control
  • Broad Performance Spectrum: High-Speed, Aerobatics & Thermal Soaring
  • GRP “M-SPACE Technology” Creates a Rigid Fuselage
  • Ultra-Efficient Four Flap Wing
  • Elegant, Streamline Design
  • Innovative Aluminum Spar Technology for Stiff Wing Stability
  • Clear Canopy with Detailed Cockpit
  • Detachable Wings and Tailplane for Easy Transportation

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 7.87 ft. (94.44 in.)
Fuselage Length: 3.60 ft. (43.2 in.)
Weight (English): 45.87 oz.(glider) / 52.91 oz. (electric glider)
Target User: Intermediate / Advanced

Recommended Equipment

Motor: 300 – 400 watt 36mm Brushless
Speed Control: 40 amp
Battery: 3S 2200mAh LiPo
Servos: (2) HS-81 and (4) HS-55
Receiver: 6-Channel


Available Models

  • Heron RR – Stock# M264276
  • Heron Kit – Stock# M214276