Press Release: Multiplex Solius

Glide Close to the Sun!

With its pleasant handling and excellent performance, the Multiplex Solius offers tremendous soaring pleasure for everyone from the weekend flier to the professional pilot. This over-achieving sailplane is perfect for flat-land and slope sites alike, delivering long soaring flights and lively aerobatics. The Solius features a t-tail, detailed cockpit, clear canopy and numerous innovative Elapor® foam construction details, setting entirely new standards for this class of model. Flown with electric power or as a pure sailplane from high start to aerotow, it is the perfect glider for all.


  • High Performance Brushless Power System with Folding Propeller
  • Clear Molded Canopy with Detailed Cockpit Interior
  • Detachable Tail Plane for Ease of Transport
  • Innovative Tubular Spar Technology Makes the Wings Impervious to Stress


  • Weight, Glider: 44 oz
  • Weight, Electric: 51.15 oz
  • Length: 43.3 in
  • Wingspan: 85 in
  • Wing Area: 630.85 sq in
  • Wing Loading: 11.67 oz / sq ft


  • Motor: 300 to 400-watt Outrunner
  • Battery: 3S 2200mAh LiPo
  • ESC: 30-40 amp
  • Prop: 10×6 Folding
  • Servos: Four HS-55 or HS-65MG
  • Receiver: Minima/Maxima/Optima 6 or Optima 6 Lite

Available: April 2013



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