Sales, Marketing and Other Departments


RC Hobby Customers
The Hitec USA Sales Department services customers in North and Central America for Hitec and Multiplex Products. If you are an established Hobby Distributor, Retail Hobby Shop or Mail Order outlet who would like to carry Hitec or Multiplex products, please contact our RC Hobby sales department.

Americas - Hitec RCD USA, Inc. 

Tanner Curtis
Ph: (858) 748-6948 x313

Industrial, Robotics or Manuafacturing Sales

Hitec RCD has the capabilities of manufacturing our products to your specifications as well as assisting in the manufacturing process. If you are interested in using Hitec RCD products in your Non RC Hobby application, contact one of our Industrial Sales Department:

Americas - Hitec Commercial Solutions, LLC

Shawn Spiker
Ph: (858) 748-6948 x315

Europe - Multiplex ModellSport GMBH & Co.KG

Dieter Wörner
Ph: +49-7252-58093-0

Asia - Hitec RCD Korea, Inc.

Jin Park
Ph: +82-43-717-2051


Suzanne Lepine
Ph: (858) 748-6948 x319