Focus 2 and 3 AM

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. Hitec offers both 72MHz AM receiver and transmitter crystals through our extensive hobby dealer network. With AM radios you can simply swap out the crystals, do a range check, and go fly.

Q. What is ch. 1 and 2 mixing and what do I use it for?

A. This feature allows you to fly V-tail or flying wing type aircraft without using a bulky and expensive mixing device.

Q. What other receivers will my Focus AM work with?

A. Hitec recommends using Hitec AM receivers only.

Q. Can I use Nicad batteries in my Focus single stick system?

A. Yes, you can use individual AA nicad cells or the Hitec part #58306 nicad pack along with the CG-25 overnight wall charger.

Q. The light on my transmitter will not come on and nothing is happening.

A. Check the battery tray and make sure the batteries are touching the contacts. Sometimes you have to push the batteries to make sure they contact. In extreme cases try wrapping the battery holder with electrical tape to help "seat" the batteries within the holder.

Q. Can I upgrade my Focus 2 SS to a Focus 3 SS?

A. While it can be done it is not very economical.