Lynx 3D

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. You can change crystals within the module. However, for optimum performance it is best to use a module that has been tuned to the channel you desire to use, or use the Spectra synthesized module, since it is perfectly tuned to every channel.

Q. What other receivers will my Lynx 3D work with?

A. Any manufacturer's FM receiver will work with the 3D provided you use the Hitec single conversion crystal in the receiver.

Q. Is there a dry cell alkaline battery tray available for the Lynx 3D?

A. Yes, Item#54405.

Q. When I set the end point on my servo, it will only affect one direction.

A. Endpoints will automatically default to one side only. You must move the wheel to the side you want to set, the same goes for the throttle. Although be aware the ATL switch on the handle will set the brake EPA at any time.

Q. Why will the Throttle and Steering servo only go in one direction?

A. Your endpoint may be set to 0% on one side. See above question.

Q. How do I work the 3rd channel?

A. The 3rd channel can have 2 through 5 pre-programmed positions that are set in the AUX menu. To active them simply push the aux +/- buttons.

Q. How does the ABS function work and why do I need it?

A. The ABS or (Anti Lock Braking) pulses the braking thus allowing you do drive deeper into the corner for improved lap times. A good starting point is 0 delay, 0 speed and 50 depth.

Q. How does the Auto Dual Rate function work and why do I need it?

A. Auto dual rate or (ADR) allows you to select two separate steering rate "zones" per the throttle trigger throw. This means you can set your high and low speed steering separately. For example: Your car over steers going into the corner but under steers coming out... With ADR you can set less travel for zone 1 (off power) and more travel for zone 2 to compensate for the condition. This is just one example. Once you understand how this feature works you can fine-tune your car to any track conditions.

Q. How does the DSC function work and why do I need it?

A. DSC or (Direct Servo Control) allows you to control your car or boat without transmitting a signal. This is typically used in the pits to make sure all your settings are correct without having to worry if you will interfere with anyone else on your frequency.