Lynx Sport

Q. Can I use NiCads in my Lynx AM radio?

A. You can use individual AA NiCads. It is recommended that you use our CG-25 (Item# 43025) overnight charger.

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. Purchase our transmitter crystal part number 67472xx. The xx is the channel you require. Please note that for optimum performance you should stay as close to the original channel as possible.

Q. What other receivers will my Lynx work with?

A. You can use any manufactures AM receiver with the Lynx AM.

Q. The light on my transmitter will not come on and nothing is happening.

A. Check the battery tray and make sure the batteries are touching the contacts. Sometimes you have to push the batteries to make sure they contact.

Q. My steering servo is going the wrong direction, how do I fix this?

A. The Lynx has a reverse switch for both channels. Just move the switch in the opposite direction to reverse a servo.