HFP-10 Digital Servo Programmer

Q. Do I need the programmer to use my Hitec digital servos?

A. No, only if you want to change the default settings.

Q. What functions are programmable on the digital servos?

A. End point, center point, servo transit speed, dead band width and failsafe settings are all programmable using the HFP-10.

Q. Will the HFP-10 program other manufacturers digital servos?

A. No.

Q. My servo stopped working when I reset it.

A. A very few early model Hitec digital servos will "lock" to one side and appear to die when the reset function is used. If this happens to you, simply unplug the servo from the programmer and manually twist the servo horn to the approximant "center point of travel". The servo will have been reset and is ready for programming. If it still does not work contact our service department.

Q. What is dead band width and why do I want to program it?

A. The dead band width is configured in microseconds or "µs". It is the "space" the neutral point takes up. The larger the number, the wider the dead band will be. Large planes and surface vehicles often will "gang" several servos together on one control surface. It is important that these servos have matched dead band widths to avoid having them "fight" each other at the center point.

Q. The speed value of my digital servo is not 40.

A. Digital servos built prior to October 2001 will always show a default value of "40" the actual speed is can be between 28 and 40 based on the following chart:

Model Number Actual max speed  No speed change zone 
HS-5625MG 28 28 - 64
HS-5645MG 32 32 - 64
HS-5925MG 40 40 - 64
HS-5945MG 35 35 - 64
HS-5735MG 30 30 - 64
HS-5125MG 35 35 - 64

While the "X" value may show "40" the true speed value could be less based on the above chart so drop the "Y" value below the "actual max. speed" as shown on the above chart to slow the servo down.

Q. I cannot reach my desired end point on my digital servo.

A. So as to avoid overdriving your servo past its physical limits of travel, You can not set a servos center point more than 15 degrees from it's factory preset center point. If the center point is set more than 15 degrees from the factory default center point position, the EPA function will not work.

Q. My digital servos jitter when they are at the end of their throw.

A. One cause of this phenomenon is having a Futaba or JR transmitter with the end points set beyond 120%. Try reducing the EPA below 120% and see if this cures the issue, otherwise call or e-mail our service department.

Q. How do I match elevator halves using the Hitec Programmer?

A. Click here to find out how.