HS-40 Economical, Nano, Nylon Gear Servo

Part No: 31040

Product Description

Our research department and engineers work tirelessly at developing economical servo technology that outperforms the competition and the new HS-40 nano analog servo delivers just that. With a three-pole cored motor and resilient nylon gears, this affordable servo is a dream come true for micro aircraft, sailplane and helicopter pilots. Slightly larger than the popular HS-35HD with an operating range of 4.8 to 6.0 volts, the HS-40 is a solid performer that is easy on your wallet!


  • Nylon Gears
  • Three-Pole Motor
  • 4.8 & 6.0V Operation
  • Economically Priced


  • Nylon Gear Set | Link |
  • Applicable Horns

HS-40 Servo Specifications

Performance Specifications
Operating Voltage Range (Volts DC) 4.8V ~ 6.0V
Speed (Second @ 60°) 0.12 ~ 0.10
Maximum Torque Range oz. / in. 8.4 ~ 10.5
Maximum Torque Range kg. / cm. 0.6 ~ 0.75
Current Draw at Idle 8 mA
No Load Operating Current Draw 60 mA
Stall Current Draw 460 mA
Dead Band Width 5 µs
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (Inches) 0.79 x 0.34 x 0.67
Dimensions (Metric) 20.0 x 8.6 x 17.0
Weight (Ounces) 0.17
Weight (Gram) 4.8
Circuit Type HT7003 Analog SMT
Motor Type Cored Metal Brush
Gear Material Nylon
Bearing Type None
Output Shaft (type / Ømm) Feather 15 / 8
Case Material Plastic
Dust / Water Resistance N / A
Connector Gauge (AWG) / Strand Count 28 / 20


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