Product Description

The 3-channel, DCX FM receiver is simply the best. Utilizing the dual conversion technology adapted from the R/C aircraft market, the DCX has a tremendous advantage over the competitor's products by delivering glitch free performance. The DCX is available in both 27 and 75MHz in a version for use with any manufacturer's narrow band FM transmitter.


• 3 Channel 27/75MHz FM
• Narrow Band


Modulation: FM
Conversion Type: Dual
Size in Inches: 1.60 x 1.10 x 0.70
Size in Millimeters: 40.64 x 27.94 x 17.78
Weight ounces: 0.75
Weight grams: 21.26

Available Models

  • Stock #24227 27MHz Universal DCX 3 Channel FM Receiver
  • Stock #24275 75MHz Negative shift DCX 3 Channel Receiver (Hitec/Fut)
  • Stock #66727XX 27MHz Dual Conversion Crystal (XX=CH#)
  • Stock #66775XX 75MHz Dual Conversion Crystal (XX=CH#)