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All HPP-22 Firmware Updates

HPP-22 VERSION 1.19(1) 6/1/2016

  1. Aurora 9X wer. 1.02(2) Firmware Update (01/04/2017)
    Maintenance Fix
    • Fixed Trim operation bug when activating Throttle Curve and Idle Down functions.
    • Fixed the Trainer Function binding issue bug.
  2. LYNX 4S ver. 1.05(0) Firmware Update (12/06/16)
    Added functions [System -> Function Menu]
    • RACE MODE - Race Mode provides for reduced latency when used with the Axion 2 Receiver
      Note: Due to the faster response time users may see a slight jitter in high response servos, if this occurs it is recommended you switch Race Mode off.
  3. Cosmetic Change
    • Deleted the logo on Lynx 4S display
  1. Aurora 9X ver. 1.02(1) Firmware Update
    Added functions
    • Added French Language
  2. Maintenance release for following functions
    • Fixed the graph set-up value error when copying Flight Condition from Pitch Curve and Throttle Curve.
    • Fixed the set-up value error when inserting a Flight Condition after deleting it.

HPP-22 VERSION 1.19(0) 7/17/2015

  1. LYNX 4S ver. 1.04(0) Firmware Update (04/18/16)
    Added functions
    • Added the selection of RX Model “Proton 4e” as Hitec’s New Telemetry Capable Micro 4CH Receiver.
    • Added the adjustment function of Trim & Dial set up step value from 1 to 100.
    • Added ST Brake(steering brake) function to Adjust the brake rate by Steering movement.
  2. Maintenance release for following functions
    • Improved Timer function : “Timer Reset” is available by pressing the timer button over 1 sec.
  1. LYNX 4S ver. 1.03(0) Firmware Update (09/14/15)
    Added Functions
    • Now displays a warning message when changing Mix Type
    • LED can be turned “OFF” in the LED setup
    • Users can now select “SCREEN TYPE” for each model
    • User can set the “LED” color for each model
  2. Improved Functions
    • Moved ”RF-SCAN” menu to the MANAGEMENT screen to avoid confusion
    • Saves the setup value on the Auxiliary (AUX) channel
    Maintenance Fix
    • Fixed the update error bug
  3. H4 Charger Ver.1.04(1) Firmware Update (10/23/15)
    Added Functions
    • Added a safety feature that prevents you from selecting the wrong battery type when connected to a balancer. If you try selecting NiMh, NiCd or Pb type battery when a balancer is connected to the charger an error message will be displayed.
  4. Maintenance Fix
    • Fixed LiXX overcharge error
  5. Maxima SL ver. 1.21(0) Firmware Update
    Maintenance Fix
    • Fixed compatibility issues with certain flight controllers and gyros
  6. Maxima SL ver. 1.20(0) Firmware Update
    Added Functions
    • Added lost frames counting function when used with PowerBox system
  7. Aurora 9X Maintenance Release
    • Improved Aurora 9X model data backup function
  8. HTS-VOICE Maintenance Release
    • Fixed Czech language bug 

HPP-22 VERSION 1.18(0) 5/14/2015

  1. Smart Charger H4 ver. 1.04 Firmware Update
    Added Functions
    • Added Li-HV (Li-Po High Voltage) Charging Function Li-HV Mode is available to setup
    • Added Internal Resistance Measurement Function for use when charging or discharging Li-XX batteries
  2. Maintenance Release
    • Improved the Battery Capacity display so it shows the capacity gauge instead of the percentage
  3. LYNX 4S ver. 1.02 Firmware Update
    Added Functions
    • Added Multi-Language Function (English, German, Czech, Italian, French) available to choose the language while updating the firmware.
    • Added Mixing Function for brakes on 1/5 scale gas powered vehicles. Using either D1 or D2 dial you can setup the value of the front and rear brakes separately.
    • Added Mixing Function for mechanical brakes on 1/5 and 1/8 scale electric vehicles. Now you can apply the brake mixing function using a servo in electric vehicles.
  4. Maintenance Release
    • Improved Fail-Safe Function
    • Improved menu of Reverse, EPA, S-Trim

HPP-22 VERSION 1.17(1) 4/19/2015

  1. Aurora 9X ver. 1.02(0) Firmware Update
    • Add Model data backup
  2. SPECTRA 2.4 G2 ver. 2.00(0) Firmware Update - Aurora 9X, Flash 7 and 8
    • Improve SLT connection

HPP-22 VERSION 1.16(0) 1/19/2015

  1. Aurora 9X ver. 1.01(0) Firmware Update
    Added functions
    • Added additional languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech)
    • Added Landing Mix in ACRO, GLID model setup
  2. Improved functions
    • Changed 'Timer' so that sound is On/Off selectable
    • 'Flight Condition' named the same as in the Aurora 9
    • Default value of Mix point 7 changed to 3 point (except on P.Curve & T.Curve)
    Maintenance release for following functions
    • 'Throttle Lock' function (on Model type)
    • Graph level on TX battery voltage
    • 'Interg Time' reset
    • Sensor station screen battery icon when use Optima RX’s
    • Switch selection on 'Flight Condition'
    • Cockpit voltage
    • Scanning icon on Spectra menu
    • Rate value when use Aileron Differential
    • Elevator Trim on Swash type 4 Servo in Heli menu
    • Screen appearance when initially powered on

HPP-22 VERSION 1.15(1) 7/31/2015

  • Improved program stability.

HPP-22 VERSION 1.15(0) 7/25/2015

  • Added functions
    • HTS-ADVANCE Telemetry Systems added and combined with Nitro and Blue
    • HTS-VOICE ver. 1.04(1) Altitude Reset Function added to reset altitude when Voice is turned on

HPP-22 VERSION 1.14(1) 6/18/2013

  1. HPP-22 ver. 1.02(0) Firmware Update
    • H4 Firmware update capabilities added
  2. H4 Charger ver. 1.02(1) Firmware Update

HPP-22 VERSION 1.14(0) 5/13/2013

  1. HTS-VOICE firmware update capabilities added
  2. HTS-VOICE ver.1.04(0) Firmware Update
    • Added HTS-Advance sensor system to HTS-VOICE

Aurora 9 Firmware Updates


  1. Uninstall the old HPP-22 software and reinstall the new software found HERE
  2. Disable Anti Virus software (if needed) for the install.
  3. Run as Administrator or turn off or down user account control in the control panel/user accounts.

Upgrade Installation Manual

HPP-22 VERSION 1.13(0) 1/15/2013

  1. ECLIPSE 7 PRO 2.4GHz ver.1.03(0) Firmware Update
    • Added Upgrade Mode and HPP-22 Mode
    • Added HTS-Advance Display
    • Model Data can save to PC and bring the Model Data from PC
    • Improved Latency
  2. OPTIC 6 SPORT 2.4GHz ver.1.03(0) Firmware Update
    • Improved Latency
  3. AURORA 9 2.4GHz ver. 1.09(0) Firmware Update
    • Added displays for HTS-SS Advance Sensor station and related sensors
      (HTS-AirSpeed, HTS-Variometer, HTS-ServoManager, HTS-EngineTemp)
    • Added five additional languages: French, German, Czech, Italian & Spanish
    • Corrected time flow error
    • Corrected Offset (OST) function error in Rudder to Elevator mix
    • Corrected Servo Speed operation error in Camber Mix

HPP-22 VERSION 1.12(0) 3/5/2012 (Download Latest HPP-22 Software Here)

  1. HTS-VOICE Firmware Update and set up can be done using HPP-22
  2. HTS-VOICE ver.1.03(0) Firmware Update
    • Real time receiver battery voltage announcement (w/o using sensor station)
  3. OPTIC 6 SPORT 2.4GHz ver.1.02(0) Firmware Update
    • Improved trainer function

HPP-22 VERSION 1.11(1) 10/24/2011

  1. Added function for HTS-Navi Telemetry PC receiver
  2. HTS-NAVI ver.1.02(0) Firmware Update

HPP-22 VERSION 1.11(0) 8/23/2011

  1. New display for "HTS-SS BLUE" Sensor station (for Electric powered model)
  2. OPTIMA(7,9) ver.2.01(0) Firmware Update

HPP-22 VERSION 1.10(0) 6/2011

  1. Telemetry monitoring display functions and firmware update functions are now separate
    • Firmware update function: Select "Update / Setting" category
    • Telemetry monitoring display: Push "HTS-CC(Hitec Telemetry System - Command Center)" Icon
  2. New HTS-NAVI (Wireless telemetry receiver) has been added to the HTS-CC
  3. SPECTRA 2.4GHz ver.3.01(0) Firmware Update
    • Improved scan mode to make it easier to use
    • Added compatibility for Hitec's non-telemetry 2.4GHz receivers (Minima)
    • Improved LED indicator error after Scan is done
    • Version 3.01 Manual

HPP-22 VERSION 1.04(1) 12/20/2010

  1. Fixed ability to read sensor data in Czech and Italian languages
  2. Aurora 9 ver.1.07(2) Firmware Update
    • Fixed Imperial speed measurement display error

HPP-22 VERSION 1.04(0) 12/10/2010

  1. New Features:
    • OPTIMA 7/9 Fail-Safe setup function: Now you can adjust fail-safe function of the Optima 7 & 9 receivers through the HPP-22 interface. (Optima Receiver Manual)
    • 3D Google Earth view function: Use the HTS-SS flight data from the GPS to play back your flight path on the Google Earth 3D map.
    • OPTIC 6 SPORT 2.4 Setup capabilities added
    • AURORA 9 Multi-Language Menu now available in Spanish
  2. Aurora 9 2.4GHz ver.1.07(1) update version can be selected in the menu of the HPP-22
  3. OPTIC 6 SPORT ver.1.04(1) & OPTIC 6 SPORT 2.4GHz ver.1.01(1) Firmware Update
    Bug Fix:
    • When ADIF function activated, and Crow mix is in use, channel 5 did not respond when SW1 was selected as STCK function.

HPP-22 VERSION 1.03 9/30/2010

  • AURORA 9 – Added Multi-Language menus available in English, German, French, Italian & Czech

HPP-22 VERSION 1.02 8/2/2010

  1. Aurora 9 ver. 1.07 Firmware Update
    Added functions
    • System Password Lock Function: Requires password to access the system menu.
    • Quick Model Select Function: You can confirm & select your model from the start up screen.
    • Receiver Battery Low Voltage Warning Function: You can select the Low Battery Warning Alarm activation level.
    • Touch Beep Sound On/Off Function: You can turn the sound on and off for the touch screen.
    • Touch screen calibration function
    • Warning Selection at Start up Function: Give the ability to choose whether you want the start-up warning on or off (Abnormal Throttle and Flight Condition).
  2. Improved functions
    • Timer Reset Method: Press & hold either timer screen for 2 seconds to reset.
    • Menu Name Changed: Power > SYS. MGMT, Auto Power Off > Auto Hibernation.
  3. SPECTRA 2.4 ver.2.00 Firmware Update
  4. OPTIMA 7/9 ver.2.00 Firmware Update
    • Added HTS-SS Sensor Station compatibility
    • Improved Fail Safe
    • Improved initial position of the servo when link is completed
    • Optima Receiver Manual

HPP-22 VERSION 1.01 7/15/2010

  • Transferred server and changed download site information

HPP-22 Version 1.00 - Original Release