Firmware & Software Updates

Charger Firmware Updates

X4AC Pro Version 1.09 8/29/2017

Adds  support for Hitec LinkPower X App - To install download the file and unzip it. Turn your X4AC Pro charger on and connect it  to your computer using a micro USB cord. Execute the program The program should indicate that it has dedected the charger. Click on UPDATE and the process should begin. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR CHARGER while it is updating. 

HPP-22 VERSION 1.19(0) 10/23/2015

  1. Smart Charger H4 ver. 1.04(1) Firmware Update
    Added Functions
    • Added a safety feature that prevents you from selecting the wrong battery type when connected to a balancer. If you try selecting NiMh, NiCd or Pb type battery when a balancer is connected to the charger an error message will be displayed.
    Maintenance Fix
    • Fixed the update error bug

HPP-22 VERSION 1.18(0) 5/14/2015

  1. Smart Charger H4 ver. 1.04(0) Firmware Update
    Added Functions
    • Added Li-HV (Li-Po High Voltage) Charging Function Li-HV Mode is available to setup
    • Added Internal Resistance Measurement Function for use when charging or discharging Li-XX batteries

HPP-22 VERSION 1.14(1) 6/18/2013

  1. HPP-22 ver. 1.02(0) Firmware Update
    • H4 Firmware update capabilities added
  2. H4 Charger ver. 1.02(1) Firmware Update