Race Report: Hitec Trophy Chase 2014 Results


Hitec Trophy Chase 2014 Results

Event: Hitec Trophy Chase 2014
Date: January 25 – June 8, 2014
Location: Heritage RC Park – Chula Vista, CA
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins

By: Billy Tompkins
Supporting local tracks and the radio control racing community is integral to growing this great hobby and one of the reasons we at Hitec started the Hitec Trophy Chase Racing Series. Years back while racing with friends and colleagues, the question was raised, “What happened to the good old days of club racing?” Everyone missed it – the camaraderie, the friendly competition and best of all, an excuse to get out there and drive! And so was born the Hitec Off-Road Trophy Chase! Our location was and continues to be the Heritage RC Park, located in Chula Vista, CA which combines local convenience with exceptionally maintained facilities. The series consists of 6 races in which local racers battle over the coveted title of Trophy Chase Champion! To ensure there is something for everyone, 9 classes of racing are available from 1/5th-scale down to 1/10th-scale short course. When the dust settles from all the 6 races, the top 3 in each class are bestowed trophies and local street cred honors! This year’s series was a great success with the following top winners:

1/5th Scale 2WD Winners (L to R): 2nd – Dennis Christy, 1st – Kyle Christy, 3rd – Jim Cooper


1/5th Scale 4WD Winners (L to R): 2nd – Fangs Cpo, 1st – Chris Bentz, 3rd – Patrick Brown


Sportsman 1/8th Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Jose Castelan, 1st – Victor Orollana, 3rd – Mark Linder


Intermediate 1/8th Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – John Brown, 1st – Jaime Boquiren, 3rd – Kevin King


Expert 1/8th Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Don Vinkemolder, 1st – Brandon Aymar, 3rd – Josh Bertrand


Sportsman 1/8th Truggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Federico Gamboa, 1st – Vince Briel, 3rd – Ed Paguia


Expert 1/8th Truggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Josh Bertrand, 1st – Matt Wolter (Not Shown), 3rd – Adam Schick


1/8th Scale e-Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Miguel Perez, 1st – David Sandate, 3rd – Jim Cooper

Congratulations to the 2014 champs! Gear up for next year, friends, the Hitec Trophy Chase Series is fast becoming the local racing wild ride!!

Race Report: AMS 5.0


Adam Drake Dominates AMS 5.0

Event: Alabama Manufacturers Shootout 5.0
Date: June 5-7, 2014
Location: Cullman County Agricultral Center – Cullman, AL
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins, Adam Drake, Matt Sistrunk

By: Billy Tompkins
The Alabama Manufacturers Shootout is a 1/8th scale Nitro Off-road Racing event that is held in the quaint, small town of Cullman, Alabama. Also known as the AMS, it has become one of the largest races in the U.S. with 600 entries this year alone. In its 5th year and second in attendance to the Nitro Challenge, the AMS has become a well-oiled machine. With race directors Jimmy Babcock and Canyon Thompson and track operators Drew and Chris Cassidy, this event is one of the smoothest yet challenging operations around. Its three sections of track, designed with peristyles reminiscent of the L.A. Coliseum, off-camber sections and step-on and step-off jumps make this one of the trickiest track layouts in AMS history.

As the name implies, The Alabama Manufacturer Shootout brings all the Industry Manufacturers together to show off their products and allow their top drivers to compete for the coveted title of AMS Champion. Hitec’s own Adam Drake was in attendance racing the Pro 1/8th scale Nitro Buggy, Nitro Truggy, and Electric Buggy classes. In Qualifying, Adam would prove to be the “man to beat” as he became the Top Qualifier in all 3 classes that he entered.

Being the top qualifier going into the Main Events, Adam would be sitting in Pole Position, sitting #1 on the starting grid for all 3 classes. At the start of the Truggy Main Event, Adam got off to an early lead and never looked back! Going wire to wire and in convincing fashion, Adam Drake took the win in the 1/8th scale Truggy class! At the start of the Electric Buggy Main Event, Adam experienced an electrical problem rendering him immobile. This would eliminate his chance at a win in the E-Buggy class as it was a Double A Main Format. Moving into the most notable class of the weekend, the Pro Buggy Class, Adam started 1st on the grid. At the onset of the race, Adam was being challenged by one of the youngest drivers in the Pro Class, Derek Weatherholt. Adam lost the lead to young Derek early on but his determination and experience would prove to be the stronger asset. He passed Derek in the remaining couple of laps. Once back in the lead, Adam went on to take the win in the 45-minute Main Event.

Adam Drake uses the Hitec HSB-9370TH as the throttle servo in both Truggy and Buggy, as well as the steering servo in both his Electric Buggy and Nitro Buggy. In his Truggy, he uses the HSB-9380TH for steering. Adam had this to say; “The precision and holding torque of my HSB-9000 series servos make it easy for me to put my cars where I want them, when I want them, anywhere on the track. Not to mention, the efficiency of the servos make me rest easy that I will not run out of battery during the long 45-minute main events.” Hitec congratulates Adam Drake on his Triple TQ and Double Victory at the AMS 5.0!