Race Report: The Dirt Nitro Challenge 2017



Event: The Dirt Nitro Challenge 2017
Date: February 22-26, 2017
Location: FEAR FARM R/C RACEWAY – Phoenix, AZ
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins, Adam Drake, Carlos Arredondo, Casey Peck, Steve Harris, Dennis Christy, Kyle Christy, Riley Christy, John Brown, Miguel Perez, Gil Alontaga, Gene Hickerson, Louis Fernandez, Billy Easton, Bill Koch, Brian Givens, Anthony Westergaard, Felipe Martinez and more…

By: William Tompkins

Touted as THE largest off-road R/C race in the World (almost 900 race entries), The Dirt Nitro Challenge had once again invaded the Arizona desert that attracted racers from around the globe. Once a single day race held at a small R/C track in Hemet, CA in 1999,the DNC has grown into a 5 day R/C racing extravaganza. Joey Christensen and his Dirt Crew have continually set the bar higher and higher every year with this year being no exception.


DNC’17 added some new venues to its already stellar 1/8th and 1/5th scale off-road racing program. For the first time, the DNC showcased a U4RC rock racing track. In case you haven’t witnessed the new phenomenon of U4RC, it’s a combination of off-road racing and rock crawling. The track was set up on, what most would consider, a standard-sized 1/10 off-road track with the difference being the addition of some gnarly rock gardens and a log section. Not only do racers have to build their rock racers to be fast, they have to be torquey enough to make it through the rock gardens and strong enough to take the abuse. Attrition plays a huge role in this form of R/C racing and it’s growing at a fast rate for racers of all ages.

Although DNC is best known for the 1/8th scale racing, the biggest spectacle this year was the 2nd Annual Phoenix Cup FPV Drone Race held on a lit FPV course. At night, the course was seen from miles away that drew spectators from outside of the RC industry and many of the off-road participants as well. The Phoenix Cup featured some of the fastest pilots in the world including DR1 & DRL TV racing series pilots as seen on ESPN.

FPV Light Trax

The impressive spectator gathering and the number of pilots in attendance was proof that drone racing has become the fastest growing R/C sport. Fast lap qualifying would set the top 32 for the finals’ day with a double elimination to set the quarter finals. The guys over at Flite Factory and FPV Light Trax put together one of the toughest FPV tracks of recent memory and proved to be quite challenging for pilots at every skill level.


Team Hitec was in attendance this year with a booth showcasing all of our latest products and a proud DNC title sponsor. The 1/8th scale racing took place Wednesday through Sunday while the rest of the events were orchestrated Friday through Sunday. At this year’s DNC, we had over 30 of our Team Hitec drivers competing in the different events. When the dust settled at the end of the long weekend, we accumulated the following accolades:

(26) A Main Appearances | 
(12) Podium Finishes | (6) Dirt Nitro Challenge Champions

DRAKE-&-PECK-PRO-LEGENDS1/8th Pro Buggy Legends
Adam Drake 1st/TQ , Casey Peck 3rd, Gil Alontaga 5th, Gene Hickerson 7th, Billy Easton 8th

Hitec’s own Adam Drake would just miss the podium taking 4th in Pro Nitro Buggy, but was able to put it together in the Legends Pro Buggy class taking the Top Qualifying position and the win.



1/8th Expert Truggy
Carlos Arredondo 1st



1/8th Expert Buggy
Carlos Arredondo 2nd


1/8th Expert E Buggy
Carlos Arredondo TQ/2nd, Casey Peck 4th, Anthony Westergaard 12th

John Brown 3rd

1/8th Sport Buggy
John Brown 3rd, Louis Fernendez 7th,  Bill Koch 9th


1/8th 40+ Buggy
Casey Peck 1st, Brian Givens 10th, Felipe Martinez 13th


1/5th Sport 2wd Buggy
Dennis Christy TQ/1st


1/5th Pro 4wd Buggy
Steve Harris 1st     


1/5th Pro 4wd Truck
Steve Harris TQ/1st


1/5th Expert 2wd Truck
Kyle Christy3rd


1/5th Sport 2wd Buggy
Riley Christy 3rd

1/8th Sport Truggy
– Louis Fernandez 7th
1/8th Sport Electric – Bill Koch 13th
1/8th 40+ Electric – Miguel Perez 4th, Bill Koch 12th


All drivers were running the Hitec Lynx 4S Radio, Hitec Axion 2 RX and Hitec Servos. A great weekend for Team Hitec and congratulations to all of our podium finishers and newly crowned champions!

Flight Report: NEAT Fair 2016

Team Hitec recently made the trek from Southern California to the Peaceful Valley Campground in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York where the 17th annual NEAT Fair is held. Each year, Tom Hunt and the NEAT crew host this prestigious event that draws modelers from all over the northeast and country. When we first arrived at the field on Thursday afternoon and had never seen it so packed! The weather was glorious and many familiar faces stopped by our tent to greet us.


Over the course of the event we flew the new Fun Cub XL, RockStar, Dogfighter, Pilatus, Twin Star 2, Heron, eHawkeye, and Zipper. We also put some night flights on our 3 year old Fun Cub with lights. One of the most memorable moments came when under a beautiful moonlit sky, dozens of Chinese Lanterns were launched. It was the most surreal moment as these lanterns, aircraft and the moon made me think to myself, “This was a moment in time that I’ll never forget!” Thanks to Tom and the entire NEAT crew for putting on an amazing event! If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to go and experience what the NEAT Fair is all about!



Hitec Support at the 2016 IFMAR World Championship


Hitec will be on hand October 2-9, 2016 to provide technical support for all Hitec drivers attending the 2016 IFMAR World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. Surface Team Manager, Billy Tompkins and Factory Team Driver, Adam Drake will also provide servo and radio support to all attending drivers in need of assistance with their current equipment. Find Billy or Adam and see how Hitec can help you perform at the highest level of competition!

Event Details: http://rctracksoflasvegas.com/ifmar-2016-nitro-off-road-world-championship-september-30th-october-8th-2016/ 

Drone Race Report: Multi GP Regional Finals


Jump in! The water is cold!!

Event: Multi GP Regional Finals
Date: August 2016
Location: St. John’s AMA Club Flying Site – Bakersfield, CA
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins

By: Billy Tompkins
“Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet!” This saying has so much meaning and is often times how I approach many things in life. This would hold especially true in my new venture into RC Drone Racing. I am not a new comer to the world of RC and RC racing but when I first started looking into FPV Drones, it was like I had to learn a whole new language. After a week of research, I couldn’t help but think that only guys wearing pocket protectors were involved in this side of the hobby. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Fast forward five months – I can’t get enough of this adrenaline filled, pocket protector wearing, Jedi mind trick hobby known as FPV Drone Racing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know that FPV Drone Racing has quickly become one of the largest spectacles in RC. For those of you that need to get caught up on FPV racing 101, here are the basics: https://fpvracing.tv/guides/beginners

In the five months of doing this “sport”, I’ve learned how to build, tune, and fly FPV racing drones to the point of being able to get around a course with a bit of confidence. At this point, I have a few local races under my belt and quite a few “underground” races with some buds that I fly with. As challenging as the local scene is here in Southern California, I felt as though I was not progressing fast enough. At this point you must be wondering, “Where is he going with all of this?”… I’ll get to that shortly.

A friend of mine once told me, “If you want to be one of the fast guys you have to race with the fast guys.” With those words echoing in the back of my head, I decided to sign up for my first big FPV Drone Racing event hosted by the Bakersfield Multirotor Club called the Multi GP Regional Finals held in Bakersfield, California. Event qualifying consisted of finishing in the top 5 in the Multi GP regional chapter qualifiers. I, however, was absent on the day of our regional qualifier and was not able to qualify. Had I made the attempt, I probably wouldn’t have qualified due to my lack of speed. With that said, I saw some banter on the inter webs about the upcoming regional finals and thought I would comment on how I was going to show up and try to race, jokingly of course. The next day, I received a private message from the race Coordinator, Mathew Stevensen, asking if I wanted to enter the race on the waiting list. Being the “both feet in” kind of guy, I absolutely said, “yes”. Long story longer, a week later I received an email from Matthew telling me I was in and was stoked to be attending a Multi GP Regional Final.

In preparation of the event, I tried to burn as many battery packs as possible. The cool thing about Multi GP is they give you an exact map of the course layout all the way down to the measurements. They even have a CGI showing you what flying the course is going to look like. You can see the course here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YggR0zEIrp4 You would think that if I really wanted to be prepared for this event, I would set up a practice track and really try to hone in my skills. You guessed it…FAIL! However, even though I didn’t prepare for this event, I still felt confident in my abilities to perform.

I arrived in beautiful Bakersfield the night before, got a good night sleep and showed up to the field bright and early the following morning. The race day schedule consisted of going to two scheduled rounds of practice, followed by five race heats. Scoring was done by IR transponders which would keep track of how many laps each pilot accomplished in the heat and how long it took the pilot to finish each heat. The pilot with the highest total amount of laps at the end of five heats would be the winner. The tiebreaker would fall to the times.

Five minutes before the first round of practice and the butterflies in my stomach began to flutter. My group’s turn to hit the track for practice had arrived. We were all plugged in and positioned at the starting grid ready for take off. The countdown begins, and as soon as the tone sounds, it’s time to take off. Now mind you, this is supposed to be practice. It’s a chance to get a feel for the course; no scoring is taking place at this point in the day. The tone sounds, I take off from the launch pad and race towards the first gate…. WHAMO!! My first attempt comes to a screeching halt as I crash before making it through the first gate. Now for those that don’t know, once you crash on course, you cannot retrieve your drone until the entire heat is over which means practice session round 1 was a wrap. I told myself going into practice round 2, “Don’t crash before gate one, don’t crash before GATE NUMBER ONE!” So once again, I find myself on the starting grid, butterflies, sweaty hands and fingers that feel hesitant to work. Once again, the tone sounds, I take off from the launch pad, race towards gate one, and to my surprise I make it through. As I’m heading towards the first turn, I encounter another drone in midair and both of us crash out. There goes practice session number 2.

Now that practice is over without a single lap complete, my mind is all over the place thinking of how to move forward with the heat races. How do I approach the race? Do I let it all hang out in hopes that I figure out the track? Do I play it conservative and just try to fly slower than normal? At that moment, the not so “both feet in” guy in me shows up and decides to try to take it easy and learn the track slowly and progressively. Well, this is how that approach went for me. Round 1 of the five heat races, I was able to finish one lap before crashing. In round 2, I was able to finish two laps before crashing. Round 3 allowed me to finish, you guessed it, three laps before crashing. Frustrated and at a loss for a game plan, the “both feet in” guy shows up and decides to let it all hang out. I have nothing to lose. Round 4 begins and not only did I finish the heat race, I actually bettered my lap count by 2. I ran five laps crash free and was able to duplicate it again in round 5.

At the end of the day, I realized that I probably didn’t belong at the Regional Finals competing with guys that had earned the right to be there. But at the same time, I would not have had the chance to learn as much as I did, in the short amount of time that I did had I not. Will I do it again…ABSOLUTELY! You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations if you want to learn how to deal with them. “Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet!”


Team Hitec Dominates the 2015 JBRL Series


The 2015 Jimmy Babcock Racing League, also known as the JBRL, has finally come to a close. After battling at 8 different tracks throughout the Southwestern United States, Hitec’s very own Adam Drake finished on the top step overall in Pro Buggy, Pro Truggy, and 1/8th Electric.


Armed with his Hitec Lynx 4S and the brushless HSB-9370/9380 servos, he made Hitec proud once again! Honorable Mention went to Hitec’s Steve Harris for finishing in the top 3 overall in Pro Buggy and 1/8th Electric.

Electric 8th 2015 jbrl

Exp Buggy 2015 JBRL

Exp Truggy 2015 jbrl

Representing the “over 40 year old” racers, Hitec’s Miguel Perez finished 2nd overall in the 40+ class while Hitec’s Don Vinkemulder finished 3rd.

40+ Nitro Buggy 2015 JBRL

Congratulations!!  Great Job Everyone!

Race Report: Bring The Heat 2015

Team Hitec Brings The Heat!

Event: Bring The Heat @ FRC
Date: September 11-13, 2015
Location: Flowood RC Park – Flowood, MS
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins, Adam Drake, Bill Shephard

By: Billy Tompkins
Flowood RC Park is an indoor RC racetrack in the small town of Flowood, Mississippi just outside of the state capital of Jackson. For the past 5 years, Flowood RC Park has been host to the annual 1/8th scale Nitro Offroad race where racers from all over the country flock to this small Mississippi town to vie for the “Bring The Heat Championship.

This year’s race would bring over 250 entries among 10 different classes. It was our first year attending Bring The Heat so we decided to bring our booth display to showcase our latest products including chargers, servos and our newest edition to our radio lineup, the Lynx 4S. Many of the drivers from this region had never been up close and personal with our gear so we had many visitors at the Hitec booth.

bring the heat booth

In attendance for the 5th year in a row was Team Hitec’s very own Adam Drake. Adam would compete in the coveted Pro Buggy class, as well as the Pro Truggy class. Louisiana local and Team Hitec Driver Bill Shephard participated in the race as well with great results. Together, these two class acts would bring home three podium finishes. After a 30 minute A main event, Bill Shephard went on to finish 2nd.  In the Pro Buggy Class, Adam Drake had a rough start to the 45-minute main event but he battled back with a solid 3rd place performance. In the Pro Truggy class, Adam looked to be in fine form as he led for the majority of the race and crossed the finish line with a commanding lead over the field. Both Adam and Bill used Hitec’s 9000 series servos and their Lynx 4S radio to take them to the podium!

bring the heat pro truggy

bring the heat adam and billIf you are ever in the Jackson, Mississippi area and looking for a place to race, look no further than Flowood R/C Park. The great staff and awesome facility play host to birthday parties, local club racing and larger regional events. Bubba Barham and his staff run a top notch facility…well worth a visit!

Flight Report: Flite Fest 2015


Fun For All Ages!

Event: Flite Fest 2015
Date: July 9-12, 2015
Location: Furey Flying Field – Malvern, OH
Team Hitec Attendees: Mike Mayberry, Shawn Spiker, Nick Frederick, Jason Cohen

By: Mike Mayberry

When some of the coolest people in the industry, and our close friends Josh, Alex and Austin from Flite Test decide to put on an event, they really do it right! Last year was the first annual Flite Fest and it was so incredible, we knew we had to attend again this summer. Acres upon acres of fun is the best way to describe it!

The Hitec crew included Team Manager Mike Mayberry, Sales Manager Shawn Spiker and Team Pilots Nick “Nacho” Frederick and our newest and youngest addition Jason “Hashbrown” Cohen. We arrived bright and early on Thursday morning…well it’s wasn’t that bright and ok fine,  not that early either but we made it and were ready to rock and roll!  And what better way to rock and roll than with the new Multiplex Rockstar biplane! We’ve had one of these planes for the past month and didn’t dare fly it, because we didn’t want any accidental mishaps (Mike’s colorful flying record and all) and find we had nothing to bring! If a crash would occur at Flite Fest, at least there would be an audience and a story to tell, right?


We also brought other assorted models including the Speedy Dogfighter, Fun-to-fly Pilatus and easy-flying Shark to tear up the sky with! Let’s not forget all the cool Hitec gear too like the new Flash 7 & 8 radios along with the X2 AC+ charger!

After taking a walk around to check out the incredible facility which is, in fact, the personal property of the Furey’s (Austin’s folks,) we were in awe of the sheer size and beauty of the location and amazed at the size of the crowd that was already there! Two massive build tents were set up across from us with tables and chairs filled with people building the cool Flite Test foam kits and more. Pop up tents seemed to span for miles down the flight line in either direction! Our 20×20 tent was situated close to Show Central which was perfect! Once we got the tables, banners, flags and product all set up and were ready to go out and fly, the skies opened and we spent the rest of the afternoon under the tent! Oh well…we had lots of visitors and got to show off our stuff which is what we were there for anyway! Unfortunately, the rain didn’t let up, becoming increasingly heavier. Throw in a Tornado warning and the evening was shaping up to be something Jim Cantore would report on. We decided at some point to head out to dinner but Mother Nature had turned the dirt field into a mud bog and our front tires were just spinning and flinging mud everywhere. Alas, with the help of a few strong gentleman and Shawn’s foot on the gas, the four of us pushed and managed to get the car out and onto the asphalt driveway! Done for the day, we headed out and hoped we’d have better luck with the weather on Friday!

Friday morning came and while it wasn’t really raining that hard, it was still drizzling and when we got to the field, we realized that Flite Fest had turned into Mud Fest! The Flite test crew and volunteers were quick to respond and soon there were scores of people with hay in hand spreading it over the really wet and muddy areas! The rain finally stopped around noon and we could finally get out and fly! And fly we did!!!! We put several flights in on the Dogfighter, Heron, Shark and Pilatus but were still saving the Rockstar for Saturday when it was supposed to be sunny!


We awoke Saturday to glorious weather and a packed field full of happy modelers! Today was the day for the Rockstar! We moved to an area of the flight line that wasn’t as crowded. It was pretty crazy out there! Team Pilot Nick was given the honors of taking it up for a shakedown flight. I have to say that the Rockstar is one sexy beast! We did a final preflight check and with a thumbs up, Nick punched the throttle and off it went! The role out was short and jumped into the air, climbing out like a homesick angel! A couple clicks of the trim switches on our Flash 8 and it was tracking straight as an arrow. Wow…this plane looked even better in the air than on the ground! The plane was responsive so Nick dropped the rates to low and did some nice graceful turns and rolls. He brought it down a little lower into a high alpha harrier…there was a little wing rock but not too bad! Then as all good pilots would do, he pops it up into a hover…NICE! A little wobbly at first but then it locked in and he punched the throttle and it climbed right out…plenty of power Nick proclaimed! Time to set up for landing…nice approach and as it settled down on to the grass, Nick held a little up elevator to keep the tail down and….The grass was a bit too tall and over the Rockstar flipped onto its lid! Oh well…it can’t always be perfect! Needless to say we were all very pleased with the performance of the models and we managed to get in a half a dozen more flights throughout the day. The Rockstar definitely lived up to its name!


Some of the most fun we had was competing in the “Combat” events! We actually lost more planes when normal flying than when there were 60 planes in the sky all trying to hit each other! Seems to me, when there are dozens of planes flying all over, you don’t hit a soul; but when a handful of planes are in the air, they suddenly have magnets attached to them!!


As day turned to dusk, the lights came out and we enjoyed a glorious sunset and painted sky! What a fitting display for a fantastic event that was put on by a great group of guys and volunteers. I think the final tally for pilots was somewhere north of 900! Are you kidding me?!?!? Next to the granddaddy of them all, Joe Nall, this was probably the biggest aircraft event in the country. It was definitely worth the trip out to Ohio to be a part of it! We met hundreds of great people, destroyed a few planes and made some new friends in the process…what more could you ask for?!?!

A special thanks to our good friends, Josh, Alex and Austin at Flite Test for putting on such a great event and for taking such good care of us! It’s always great to see and hang out with these guys and this time was really special! We’re looking forward to next year! See you next time!!!

– Team Hitec

Race Report: AMS 6.0


Another Successful AMS!

Event: Alabama Manufacturers Shootout 6.0
Date: May 27-31, 2015
Location: Cullman County Agricultral Center – Cullman, AL
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins, Dylan Gerard, Chris Vierra

By: Billy Tompkins
Alabama Manufacture Shootout is in the books! Once again, Chris Cassidy and Crew put on a fantastic event. Held at the Cullman Agricultural Center, the Alabama Manufacture Shootout is an indoor 1/8th scale off road race that brings some of the Nation’s Top Drivers together to compete for the Title of AMS Champion. This year, top pros such as Ryan Maifield, Carson Wernimont, Dakotah Phend, and Hitec’s very own Dylan Gerard were in attendance vying for the title. Dylan Gerard had an awesome showing this year at the AMS 6.0, he would go on to finish in the Top 10 in each of the Pro classes that he entered. He finished 10th in Pro Nitro Buggy, 7th in Pro Nitro Truggy, and 8th in Pro eBuggy. Dylan uses the HSB-9370TH servo in all of his vehicles, and pilots them with the Lynx 4s transmitter and Axion 2 receivers. Awesome job Dylan!


Hitec has been a part of the AMS race since its inception, and holds this race near and dear as we have been able to watch this race grow to be one of the premier races in the country. As we have done in the past, we were there with a small booth showcasing our latest products, providing technical support, as well as providing service repair when necessary for all of our customers. Hitec looks forward to attending the AMS race for many years to come!

Race Report: Hitec Trophy Chase 2014 Results


Hitec Trophy Chase 2014 Results

Event: Hitec Trophy Chase 2014
Date: January 25 – June 8, 2014
Location: Heritage RC Park – Chula Vista, CA
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins

By: Billy Tompkins
Supporting local tracks and the radio control racing community is integral to growing this great hobby and one of the reasons we at Hitec started the Hitec Trophy Chase Racing Series. Years back while racing with friends and colleagues, the question was raised, “What happened to the good old days of club racing?” Everyone missed it – the camaraderie, the friendly competition and best of all, an excuse to get out there and drive! And so was born the Hitec Off-Road Trophy Chase! Our location was and continues to be the Heritage RC Park, located in Chula Vista, CA which combines local convenience with exceptionally maintained facilities. The series consists of 6 races in which local racers battle over the coveted title of Trophy Chase Champion! To ensure there is something for everyone, 9 classes of racing are available from 1/5th-scale down to 1/10th-scale short course. When the dust settles from all the 6 races, the top 3 in each class are bestowed trophies and local street cred honors! This year’s series was a great success with the following top winners:

1/5th Scale 2WD Winners (L to R): 2nd – Dennis Christy, 1st – Kyle Christy, 3rd – Jim Cooper


1/5th Scale 4WD Winners (L to R): 2nd – Fangs Cpo, 1st – Chris Bentz, 3rd – Patrick Brown


Sportsman 1/8th Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Jose Castelan, 1st – Victor Orollana, 3rd – Mark Linder


Intermediate 1/8th Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – John Brown, 1st – Jaime Boquiren, 3rd – Kevin King


Expert 1/8th Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Don Vinkemolder, 1st – Brandon Aymar, 3rd – Josh Bertrand


Sportsman 1/8th Truggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Federico Gamboa, 1st – Vince Briel, 3rd – Ed Paguia


Expert 1/8th Truggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Josh Bertrand, 1st – Matt Wolter (Not Shown), 3rd – Adam Schick


1/8th Scale e-Buggy Winners (L to R): 2nd – Miguel Perez, 1st – David Sandate, 3rd – Jim Cooper

Congratulations to the 2014 champs! Gear up for next year, friends, the Hitec Trophy Chase Series is fast becoming the local racing wild ride!!

Race Report: AMS 5.0


Adam Drake Dominates AMS 5.0

Event: Alabama Manufacturers Shootout 5.0
Date: June 5-7, 2014
Location: Cullman County Agricultral Center – Cullman, AL
Team Hitec Attendees: Billy Tompkins, Adam Drake, Matt Sistrunk

By: Billy Tompkins
The Alabama Manufacturers Shootout is a 1/8th scale Nitro Off-road Racing event that is held in the quaint, small town of Cullman, Alabama. Also known as the AMS, it has become one of the largest races in the U.S. with 600 entries this year alone. In its 5th year and second in attendance to the Nitro Challenge, the AMS has become a well-oiled machine. With race directors Jimmy Babcock and Canyon Thompson and track operators Drew and Chris Cassidy, this event is one of the smoothest yet challenging operations around. Its three sections of track, designed with peristyles reminiscent of the L.A. Coliseum, off-camber sections and step-on and step-off jumps make this one of the trickiest track layouts in AMS history.

As the name implies, The Alabama Manufacturer Shootout brings all the Industry Manufacturers together to show off their products and allow their top drivers to compete for the coveted title of AMS Champion. Hitec’s own Adam Drake was in attendance racing the Pro 1/8th scale Nitro Buggy, Nitro Truggy, and Electric Buggy classes. In Qualifying, Adam would prove to be the “man to beat” as he became the Top Qualifier in all 3 classes that he entered.

Being the top qualifier going into the Main Events, Adam would be sitting in Pole Position, sitting #1 on the starting grid for all 3 classes. At the start of the Truggy Main Event, Adam got off to an early lead and never looked back! Going wire to wire and in convincing fashion, Adam Drake took the win in the 1/8th scale Truggy class! At the start of the Electric Buggy Main Event, Adam experienced an electrical problem rendering him immobile. This would eliminate his chance at a win in the E-Buggy class as it was a Double A Main Format. Moving into the most notable class of the weekend, the Pro Buggy Class, Adam started 1st on the grid. At the onset of the race, Adam was being challenged by one of the youngest drivers in the Pro Class, Derek Weatherholt. Adam lost the lead to young Derek early on but his determination and experience would prove to be the stronger asset. He passed Derek in the remaining couple of laps. Once back in the lead, Adam went on to take the win in the 45-minute Main Event.

Adam Drake uses the Hitec HSB-9370TH as the throttle servo in both Truggy and Buggy, as well as the steering servo in both his Electric Buggy and Nitro Buggy. In his Truggy, he uses the HSB-9380TH for steering. Adam had this to say; “The precision and holding torque of my HSB-9000 series servos make it easy for me to put my cars where I want them, when I want them, anywhere on the track. Not to mention, the efficiency of the servos make me rest easy that I will not run out of battery during the long 45-minute main events.” Hitec congratulates Adam Drake on his Triple TQ and Double Victory at the AMS 5.0!