Hitec appoints Mike Mayberry as the new Surface Team Manager!


Happy New Year! Hitec RCD is looking forward to an exciting 2018 with Mike Mayberry, our veteran RC enthusiast with over 35+ years of racing experience as well as 21+ years as a Hitec man! Mike possesses a vast knowledge of our products and is eager to build upon our  existing family of Team Drivers.  Whatever RC discipline you specialize in, if you are interested in joining the Hitec family of racers, contact Mike at mikem@hitecrcd.com with your resume and let’s race to a successful 2018!


209_1_2_Channel_800_Watt_DC_Multi-Charger-1 copy


Product: X2-400 with Firmware Version 1.00.1

Effective September 8, 2014, Hitec RCD USA is recalling our X2-400 Multicharger due to a firmware error that could result in damage to Lithium-chemistry battery packs. The recall is limited to the X2-400 chargers with firmware version 1.00.1.

How do I know if my charger is affected?
Scroll through the “Program Select” features by pressing the BATT.TYPE button and then use the DEC. or INC. buttons to scroll through the selections. If you see the screen “Program Select System Set ->” then your charger is affected by the recall. If your charger does NOT have this screen then it is not affected by the recall.

What should I do if I have a recalled charger?
STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and contact Hitec RCD USA at (800) 669-4672 to arrange to have your charger picked up and replaced.

Hitec RCD USA apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused to our users.