Press Release: HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer and Universal Servo Tester


Our lightweight HFP-30 Field Programmer is the latest in digital servo testing and programming. Packed with advanced features and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, it efficiently programs all Hitec digital servos, including the HS-5XXX, HS-7XXX, brushless HSB-9XXX, and the latest D-Series. Operating on a wide voltage range of 4.8~8.4, the Hitec HFP-30 is your hobby’s best, must-have accessory.


Servo Series
Model D-Series HSB-9XXX HS-7XXX HS-5XXX
End Point Adjustments X X X X
Direction X X X X
Fail Safe X X X X
Dead Band X X X X
Speed (Slower) X X X X
Soft Start Rate X X
Overload Protection X X
Resolution X
Data Save / Load X X X X
Program Reset X From File X X


HFP-30 Field Programmer | Stock# 44427

Press Release: Hitec Vektor 280


Our swift and fearless Vektor 280 is a high performance FPV racer built with a compact, integrated circuit board system for reduced weight and a sturdy, resilient carbon fiber frame for durable flight. Completely assembled for your convenience, this speedy flier only requires a 5-channel transmitter, a 5.8GHz receiver, 3~4S LiPo battery and optional video goggles to get you joining the quad racing, adrenaline-pumping ranks in no time.

Vektor 280 Features:

  • Completely Assembled 280-class FPV Racing Quad
  • Integrated System Board with the ESC’s, Flight Controller and Video Transmitter on a Single Board for Reduced Weight
  • High Quality Carbon Fiber Frame with 3mm Arms
  • Four 20-Amp Speed Controls with SimonK OneShot Setting
  • Open Pilot CC3D Flight Controller
  • 5.8GHz 600mw* Video Transmitter
  • Bright Intelligent LED System
  • Low Battery Warning Feature
  • Drone Finder Function
  • Weight: 348 grams/12.28 ounces

Installed Power System:

  • Brushless Motors – 2204 2150KV
  • Propellers – 6 x 3
  • ESC’s – 20A w/SimonK OneShot
  • Flight Time: 9-12 minutes

Flight Control System:

  • CC3D Atom with Open Pilot
  • Powerful STM32 32-bit MCU with 128KB Flash and 20KB RAM
  • MPU6000 3 Axis Gyroscope / Accelerometer
  • Supported Software: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Works with PWM, PPM, Spektrum® Satellite and S-Bus Receivers

FPV System:

  • Video Camera – 400K Pixels 135º Field of View
  • Video TX – 600mw 32-Channel 5.8GHz

Hitec Vektor 280
| Stock# 61131

Press Release: Hitec QuadRacer 280


Race through the skies with our nimble QuadRacer 280. This stylistic FPV speedster delivers ready-to-fly convenience and will have you zooming about in no time, thanks to its efficient 6-channel radio and high resolution, 4.3-inch LCD video monitor. Lightweight construction and an efficient propulsion system featuring four powerful 2204 brushless motors provide flight times up to 12 minutes. The durable, clear canopy lets you customize your racer to reflect your own style and personality. Experience your Hitec ride today!

QuadRacer 280 Features:

  • Four 2204 – 2300KV Brushless Motors
  • 2000mAh 3S 30C LiPo Battery
  • 6-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 300,000 Pixel 135° Field-of-View Video Camera
  • 4.3” LCD FPV Video Monitor
  • 100 – 240 Volt Battery Charger
  • Invensense 6050 3-Axis Gyro
  • Invensense 6050 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • 25/200mw 5.8GHz video, w/ 6 channels
  • Compatible with most popular FPV goggles


  • Size: 280mm
  • Weight (w/o battery): 405g / 14.29oz
  • Weight (w/ battery): 568g / 20.04oz
  • Propeller Size: 5 x 3in

Hitec QuadRacer 280 | Stock# 61115

Press Release: Multiplex FunCub XL


Our Multiplex FunCub XL expands all the fun enjoyed by thousands with the original, in a new larger size! Featuring the same high-wing aerobatic performance, offset flaps for incredibly short takeoff and landing characteristics, and big, soft tundra tires, the FunCub XL lets you fly almost anywhere, from nearly any terrain. Just like its brother Cub, the FunCub XL features the same oversized control surfaces, loads of power and precise, balanced handling for unlimited aerobatic flight, including horizon-to-horizon knife edge passes, endless vertical, and thrilling torque rolls. Setting new standards in its class, with numerous innovative design solutions, the XL also incorporates Multiplex’s “M-Frame technology,” providing a remarkably high-strength fuselage with lightweight carbon tube spars, two-piece wing and quick-release strut fittings for easy field assembly. In addition to the popular aero tow release, elegant LED cover accents make it an absolute eye-catching aerial wonder. The internal cargo bay is perfect for candy drops or lofting Alfred the Parachutist! Certainly, it wouldn’t be a true FunCub without an optional float kit available! The FunCub XL is available as an airframe kit for you to assemble and equip, or as a receiver-ready version that arrives nearly complete. Its full suite of Hitec HS-225BB servos and potent brushless power system come pre-installed. Plug in your own receiver, and charge your batteries, and you will be ready for FANtastic FUN in only 25 minutes!

FunCub XL Features:

  • Full-on Aerobatic Performance
  • Low Minimum Airspeed
  • Easy Handling
  • Two Part Wing for Easy Transport
  • Offset Lading Flaps for Steep Descents and Short Takeoffs
  • Off-road Performance with Huge, Soft Wheels
  • High-strength Fuselage with “M-Frame Technology”
  • Strong and Lightweight Carbon Fiber Wing Tubes
  • Suitable for Aerotowing 2.5M Gliders (i.e. Multiplex Heron size)
  • Optional Float Set, Lights and Parachutist

Included with RR (95% Complete):

  • ELAPOR® and Wood Airframe
  • Brushless Permax BL-O 4235-0480 Motor
  • MULTIcont BL-60 ESC Controller
  • Propeller 15 x 8
  • Six Hitec HS-225BB servos
  • Self-adhesive Decals

Specifications RR:

  • Wingspan: 67 in. (1700 mm)
  • LOA: 47.25 in. (1200 mm)
  • Flight Weight: 6 lb, 5 oz (2850 g)
  • Channels: 7-10 required
  • RC Functions: Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Flaps, Engine, Optional Tow Hook, Optional Chute, Landing Lights
  • Flight time: about 8-12 min (6S ~ 3300mAh)


Plane Versions:

  • FunCub XL RR | Stock# M264331
  • FunCub XL Kit | Stock# M214331

Optional Accessories:

  • POWER Multi Light
  • Alfred the Parachutist
  • Float Kit

Press Release: Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems


Hitec’s Energy Propel Motors with built-in speed controls are the epitome of convenience and function for all multirotor enthusiasts. Combining a high performance, efficient motor with a programmable ESC not only saves precious space and weight but makes installation a snap. Flashed with the popular BLHeli firmware which employs the Active Braking (damping light) feature for improved throttle responsiveness as well as the ONESHOT communication protocol for fast refresh rates, the Propel Motors will have your multirotor performing better than imagined. In addition, their simple wiring design eliminates the possibility of failure points. Bringing form and function together in a compact, lighter power kit is just what your hobby ordered!

Energy Propel Systems Features:

  • Motor and ESC Combination Provides a Lightweight and Space-saving Alternative to Separate Components
  • High Performance, Efficient Motor
  • Programmable Speed Control
  • Updateable Firmware
  • BLHeli Featuring Active Braking/Damping Light
  • ONE SHOT Synchronization Protocol for Faster Communication Between the Flight Control and ESC
  • 35 and 41-size Motors Feature a Reversing Switch and Both Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Propeller Hubs
  • Simple Wiring Eliminates Failure Points
  • Backed by Hitec’s One Year Warranty


Motor Specifications ESC Specifications
Model Stator Diameter (mm) Stator Thickness (mm) KV Rating (KV) Max Watts (W) Weight (g) ESC Current Rate
EP 4108-40A 40.6 8 320 350 169 40A
40.6 8 390 350 169 40A
EP 3508-30A 35.1 8 400 340 135 30A
35.1 8 680 310 135 30A
EP 2204-18A 22 5 2300 160 33.5 18A
EP 2206-18A 22 7 2200 200 40.5 18A
EP 2208-18A 22 8 1800 220 42.5 18A
EP 2212-18A 22 12 1000 320 53.5 18A
EP 2216-18A 22 16 900 370 65.5 18A
EP 1806-18A 18 6 2300 180 35 18A

Press Release: X2 700 – AC/DC Multicharger


Hitec’s powerful X2-700 Multicharger is the sophisticated charging choice for all your high amperage batteries. This DC powerhouse features two 700-watt output ports for increased capacity and supports all battery chemistries, including the latest LiHV cells. The microprocessor control and an internal resistance meter make this the star at the workshop, flying field and track. Hitec’s free “Charge Master” software allows full PC control of the X2-700 through its integrated USB port from basic setup to full software analysis of your battery’s health and performance. Streamline your operations with the new Synchronous Mode as the second output port automatically mirrors your channel one settings to charge multiple similar batteries with minimal setup time. Reliable and durable, this is a must-have charger for all seasoned hobbyists.

X2 700 Features:

  • Twin Channel Charger with Two Independent Circuits
  • Input Power Source: 11-30V DC
  • DC Mode Output: 700W Port A; 700W Port B.
  • Total Maximum Output: 1400W
  • “Charge Master” Software for PC Interface
  • Synchronous Mode for Setting Both Charge Channels thru Channel One

Charging Specifications:

  • DC Input Voltage: 11 – 30 Volts DC
  • Total Charge Circuit Power: 1400 Watts (700 Watts x 2)
  • Charge Current Range: 0.1 – 30.0 Amps x 2
  • Discharge Current Power: 30 Watts x 2
  • Discharge Current Range: 0.1 – 5.0 Amps
  • Current Drain for LiPo Balancing: Max 800mAh per cell
  • NiCd/NiMh Battery Cell Count: 1 – 20 cells
    – Capacity Range 100 – 50,000mAh
  • LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/LiIon Cell Count: 2 – 8 cells
    – Capacity Range 100 – 50,000mAh
  • Pb Battery Voltage: 2 – 24 Volts
    – Capacity Range 100 – 50,000mAh
  • New Weight: 2.69 lbs. (1220g)
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 2.2 in. (200 x 140 x 55mm)

Available Model:

  • X2 700 – AC/DC Multicharger | Stock# 44239

Team Hitec Dominates the 2015 JBRL Series


The 2015 Jimmy Babcock Racing League, also known as the JBRL, has finally come to a close. After battling at 8 different tracks throughout the Southwestern United States, Hitec’s very own Adam Drake finished on the top step overall in Pro Buggy, Pro Truggy, and 1/8th Electric.


Armed with his Hitec Lynx 4S and the brushless HSB-9370/9380 servos, he made Hitec proud once again! Honorable Mention went to Hitec’s Steve Harris for finishing in the top 3 overall in Pro Buggy and 1/8th Electric.

Electric 8th 2015 jbrl

Exp Buggy 2015 JBRL

Exp Truggy 2015 jbrl

Representing the “over 40 year old” racers, Hitec’s Miguel Perez finished 2nd overall in the 40+ class while Hitec’s Don Vinkemulder finished 3rd.

40+ Nitro Buggy 2015 JBRL

Congratulations!!  Great Job Everyone!

Press Release: X1 mini – AC Input Balance Charger/Discharger


Hitec’s latest unbeatable battery charger is the new X1 mini. It is the perfect affordable answer for beginner hobbyists as well as an excellent addition to the experienced RC enthusiasts’ charger collection. Featuring a compact design for maximum portability and convenience, the reliable X1 mini delivers 60 watts of power and capably charges all battery chemistries, including the new generation LiHV. Its 6-amp power supply and user-friendly software will keep you fully charged and ready, both in the workshop and on the go!

X1 mini Features:

  • Compact Size and Stylish Design
  • Battery Meter
  • Battery Internal Resistance Meter
  • PC Communications: USB Port for PC Control & Firmware Upgrade
  • Re-Peak Mode for NiMH/NiCd Batteries
  • Charger Protection: Over Temperature, Over Capacity & Over Short Circuit Reverse Polarity

Charging Specifications:

  • AC Input: 100-240 Volts AC
  • Total Charge Circuit Power: 60 Watts AC Input
  • Charge Current Range: 0.1 – 6.0 Amps
  • Discharge Current Range: 0.1 – 2.0 Amps
  • Discharge Current Power: 10 Watts
  • Charges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion and Lead Acid Batteries
  • NiCd/NiMH Cell Count: 6-8 Cells
  • LiPo/LiHV/Li-Ion/LiFe Cell Count: 2-4 Cells
  • Pb Voltage: 6-12 Volts
  • Net Weight: 0.68 lbs (310g)
  • Dimensions: 4.41 x 4.17 x 2.05in (112 x 106 x 52mm)

Available Model:

  • X1 mini Charger | Stock# 44241

Press Release: ParkMaster Pro



The ParkMaster Pro: The Original … Re-Mastered!

Prepare for the flights of your life with the latest from Multiplex. Building on the international success of our original ParkMaster 3D, the ParkMaster PRO is the new champion, capable of the most extreme park flyer aerobatics. Square-section carbon fiber spars and longerons produce an unbeatably rigid airframe, while also shaving precious weight. The reinforced motor mount is suitable for more powerful motors, and an optional 4mm carbon firewall plate offers increased stiffness, lower weight and high tech bling! With a stunningly fierce design, the light weight and maneuverable ParkMaster PRO is optimized for outdoor aerobatics and docile handling. It excels in confined spaces and moderate wind and is easily capable of torque-rolls, rolling loops and anything else you can throw at it! Available as a Kit or a Kit Plus version which includes the brushless motor, speed control, propeller with driver and Karbonite servos, the ParkMaster Pro is your next favorite model!

ParkMaster Pro Features:

  • Carbon Spars for Maximum Airframe Rigidity
  • CFRP Reinforced Motor Mount for Support and Stability
  • Extremely Rugged Carbon Fiber Undercarriage
  • Docile and Agile Flight Characteristics
  • 3D Aerobatic Capability
  • Low Minimum Airspeed
  • Pre-fabricated Elapor® Foam Components

ParkMaster Pro Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 38 3/8 in. (975 mm)
  • Overall Length: 40 1/2 in. (1030 mm)
  • All-up Weight: Min. 18.4 oz. (520 g)
  • Total Surface Area: 450 sq. in. (29 dm²)
  • Total Surface Area Loading: 5.9 oz./sq. ft. (18 g/dm²)
  • Control Channels: 4 RC functions – Elevator, Rudder, Aileron & Throttle
  • Flight Time: 5 Minutes
  • Recommended Battery: 3S 950mAh Li-Po

Available Models:

  • ParkMaster Pro Kit Version | Stock# M214275
  • ParkMaster Pro Kit Plus Version | Stock# M264275
    Includes: HIMAX C 2816-1220 motor, MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC Speed Controller,
    10 x 4.7” Propeller with Adapter, and Four Nano-Karbonite Servos
  • Optional Carbon Firewall | Stock# M332609

Press Release: Energy Rotor Brushless ESCs



Take Your Multirotor to New Heights

Designed specifically for multirotors, Hitec’s new ENERGY ROTOR speed controls possess the same reliability and quality you have come to expect throughout our entire ENERGY SPORT product line. These must-have brushless controllers provide smooth and accurate throttle linearity for all your flights. Flashed with the pilot-preferred BLHeli firmware and utilizing ONESHOT synchronized communication with your flight controller, the ENERGY ROTOR speed controls achieve lightning-fast response and interaction with your model. Propel your rotor to Hitec heights!

Energy Rotor ESCs Features:

  • BLHeli Firmware
  • Pre-set ONESHOT Synchronization
  • Wide RPM Motor Range Compatibility
  • New Generation MOSFETs for Increased Efficiency
  • Smooth, Linear Throttle Response
  • Fast Refresh Rate up to 600Hz


Model Part # Continuous / Burst Current Rating Battery / Cell Dimensions (in) Weight (oz)
Energy Rotor 12A 61071 12A / 20A 5-12N /


0.59 x 1.02 x 0.24 0.28
Energy Rotor 18A 61082 18A / 30A 5-12N /


0.47 x 0.87 x 0.17 0.19
Energy Rotor 20A 61072 20A / 30A 5-18N /


0.79 x 1.85 x 0.31 0.81
Energy Rotor 30A 61073 30A / 40A 5-18N /


0.79 x 1.85 x 0.31 0.71
Energy Rotor 40A 61074 40A / 50A 5-18N /


0.79 x 1.85 x 0.39 1.09
Energy Rotor 60A 61075 60A / 70A 5-18N /


1.18 x 2.17 x 0.51 1.76

Available Models:

  • Energy Rotor 12A | Single – Stock #61070; 4-Pack – Stock #61083
  • Energy Rotor 18A | Single – Stock #61082; 4-Pack – Stock #61084
  • Energy Rotor 20A | Single – Stock #61072; 4-Pack – Stock #61085
  • Energy Rotor 30A | Single – Stock #61073; 4-Pack – Stock #61086
  • Energy Rotor 40A | Single – Stock #61074; 4-Pack – Stock #61087
  • Energy Rotor 60A | Single – Stock #61075; 4-Pack – Stock #61088