Aggressor 3DS - Three Channel Pistol Grip Radio System

Part No: 12624X

Product Description

The Aggressor 3DS 2.4GHz DSSS radio system is one of the most affordable 2.4GHz systems on the market. Unlike other low cost entry level systems we've loaded the 3DS with features such as Dual Rate Steering, servo reversing throttle and steering End Point Adjustments and a push button third channel that can be used for shifting.


• Hitec 2.4GHz DSSS System

• Audible Power Indicator 

• Servo Reversing (Channels 1 & 2)

• Interchangeable Rubber Grip Pads in Two Sizes

• End Point Adjustments (EPA) for Steering and Throttle

• Optional Assorted Colored Grip Pads and Tuning Covers for Personalizing Your Radio

• Dual Rate Steering (Adjustable on the Fly)

• Foam Steering Wheel for Comfortable Control

• 3rd Channel Push Button for Shifting

• Charging Jack for Optional Rechargeable Batteries

• 3 LED Battery Status Indicators

• 3 Channel DSSS Micro Receiver

Available Models

Standard Aggressor 3DS System
Transmitter, Atom 3 Micro Receiver, (1) HS-325HB Servo, requires (8) AA batteries
Stock #126241

Aggressor 3DS Transmitter & Receiver only
Transmitter and Atom 3 Micro Receiver, requires (8) AA batteries
Stock #126242

Standard Aggressor 3DS Value Combo
Transmitter and (2) Atom 3 Micro Receivers, requires (8) AA batteries
Stock #126245