Spectra 2.4J - 2.4 GHz Modules for JR Radios

Part No: 29537

Product Description

Since 1983, Hitec's mission has been to bring hobbyists the latest technology at an affordable price. That mission continues with our new Spectra 2.4J. The Spectra 2.4J transmitter module brings Hitec's versatility and telemetry functions to a variety of JR transmitters including the 9303 and 11X. Utilizing our trademark Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, this 2.4GHz module boasts full telemetry capabilities when combined with our HPP-22 interface or HTS-Navi USB telemetry receiver and your portable PC. It is also compatible with our HTS-Voice module for audible feedback without taking your eyes off your model.


  • Adavanced Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Compatible with all Hitec Telemetry Items
  • Fits Most JR™ 8-11 Channel Module Type Radios 

Available Models

Spectra 2.4J Module - 2.4GHz AFHSS Module for JR 8-10 Channels
Stock #29537

Spectra 2.4J Module with 2 x Optima 6-Channel Receivers
Stock #29549

Spectra 2.4J Module with 2 x Optima 7-Channel Receivers
Stock #29551

Spectra 2.4J Module with 2 x Optima 9-Channel Receivers
Stock #29553

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