Fusion 9 - 9 Ch. Dual Conversion IPD Synthesized FM with Auto Shift

Part No: 20472

Product Description

The Fusion 9 featuring auto-shift, dual conversion, plus IPD technology, uses no crystals and can be turned to any 72MHz channel with any FM transmitter. The Fusion 9 offers a slim and compact case design with highly desired "end blocks" connector, allows for "fail safe" programming, plus works well with Hitec's Spectra Module for crystal free R/C!


  • 9 Channel 72MHz Synthesized FM Dual Conversion 
  • Crystal Free
  • End Block Connector
  • Slim and Compact Size
  • IPD (Intelligent Pulse Decoding) with Fail Safe
  • Great Combination with Hitec Spectra PLL Module

* Note: Not compatible with 9Z if using the synthesized module.


Modulation: FM / IPD
Conversion Type: Dual
Size in Inches: 2.20 x 0.90 x 0.95
Size in Millimeters: 55.88 x 22.86 x 24.13
Weight ounces: 1.10
Weight grams: 31.18