Multiplex DogFighter

Part No: M214250, M264250

Product Description


Our fast and agile racer, the DogFighter, brings the old fashioned art of aerial combat to your local flying field. With crisp handling and precise response, this sporty flyer will tear through the skies with aerobatic mastery. Inspired by the classic warbirds of WWII, our compact speed demon was designed with the intermediate and sport flier in mind. Whether you are making striking runs at the club field or engaging in ferocious aerial combat, seize air superiority with the Multiplex DogFighter!

Model Specifications

Wingspan: 35 in (882mm)
Wing Area: 296 Sq. In. (19.07 dm²)
Wing Loading: 14.6 oz/sq ft. (min. 34 g/dm²)
Overall Length: 32 in (812mm)
Weight: 30 oz (approx. 850g)
Control Functions: Aileron / Elevator / Throttle
Optional Control Functions: Rudder
Flight Characteristics: Sport
Target User: Intermediate / Advanced


Kit - Required to Complete

Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent): 5 Channels / Flash 7 or Higher
Servos: 3 x HS-55
Brushless Motor (Size / KV Range): 3516 / 1350
Speed Control: Energy Sport 60 amp
Propeller: 10 x 7 in.
Battery: 3S - 2200mAh
Receiver: 5-Channel


Receiver Ready - Required to Complete

Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent): 5 Channels / Flash 7 or Higher
Battery: 3S - 2200mAh
Receiver: 5-Channel


Spare Parts

Replacement Parts

M724580 DogFighter Camo Decal Sheet
M224581 DogFighter Fuselage
M224583 DogFighter Canopy
M224584 DogFighter Tailplane
M224590 DogFighter Wings
M224593 DogFighter Spinner w/Holder
M224772 DogFighter Small Parts Set
M332330 DogFighter Prop Driver
M703455 Swival Pushrod Connector x2 (Pair)
M713338 Plastic Screws M5x35 (10)
M724582 DogFighter Racer Decal Sheet
M725136 Canopy Clips All MPX Models

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